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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
May 8, 2003

1. Josely Carvalho, FF Alumn, Book of Roofs media installation project and website.
2. Steed Taylor, FF Alumn, at Atlantic Center for the Arts, Florida, opening May 24.
3. Cary Peppermint, FF Alumn, at Bronx River Art Gallery, May 24th, 3 pm
4. Manena Frazier, FF Intern Alumn, opens Diamantina Gallery, reception May 10th
5. Natalie Bookchin, FF Alumn, featured in May on dian-network.com
6. Brad Buckley, FF Member, at Raid Projects, Los Angeles, throughout May
7. Mark Fox, FF Alumn, at Cincinnati Art Museum, opening May 17th
8. Kal Spelletich, FF Alumn, at Columbia College, TONITE, and party May 9th.
9. David Medalla, FF Alumn, at ICA in Boston and in NYC during May, 2003
10. Ron Athey, FF Alumn, Birmingham, England, May 25, 26, 2003
11. Deborah Garwood, FF Alumn, photos, dance and art reviews in the news.
12. Koosil-ja, FF Alumn, at Elan in Brooklyn, May 9th starting at 10 pm.
13. Cheri Gaulke, FF Alumn, Dedication of Public Art piece, Los Angeles, Sat., May 10
14. Ruth Hardinger, FF Allumn, at Pierro Gallery, South Orange, NJ, May 25-July 13th
15. Anita Ponton, FF Alumn, two new performance works in Montreal during May
16. Dottie Attie, FF Alumn at PPOW Gallery, through May 24th.
17. Ken Butler, FF Alumn, in Williamsburg May 15 and Soho May 16th.
18. Sabrina Jones, FF Alumn, MFA Exhibition at PPOW, opening May 8th, 6-8 pm
19. Sarah East Johnson, FF Alumn at DTW, through May 18th
20. Suzanne Varni, FF Alumn, in Artist Alliance Open Studios tour, May 17, 12-7 pm
21. Lynn Book, FF Alumn & Dixon Place present Open Mouths for Hungry Ears, May 20th

1. Josely Carvalho, FF Alumn, Book of Roofs media installation project and website.

www.book-of-roofs.net, new version, is by Josely Carvalho, FF Alumn, with Elizabeth McAlpin. This media/installation project includes an interactive website and digital video installations. It is an archive evoking the psychological, sociological, emotional and physical gain or loss of shelter due to wars, natural disasters, economic reasons, new virtual addresses, migrations and other historic events. Be a tile-maker, build a cyber roof, based on the traditional clay roof tiles used in Brazil and many other regions of the world. Enter the website and participate by contributing a story, image, video, animation and/or quotation. Create discussions in the chat rooms and keep a calendar of shelter/shelterless events that affect you and/or others.


2. Steed Taylor, FF Alumn, at Atlantic Center for the Arts, Florida, opening May 24.

Steed Taylor, FF Alumn, presents Liar's Knot, at Atlantic Center for the Arts, 1414 Art Center Avenue, New Smyrna Beach, FL www.atlanticcenterforthearts.org

Reception for the artist Saturday May 24th, 2003, 6-9 pm for more information caontact steedtaylor@aol.com


3. Cary Peppermint, FF Alumn, at Bronx River Art Gallery, May 24th, 3 pm

Bronx River Art Center presents a video performance on Saturday May 24th at 3 pm by Cary Peppermint, FF Alumn. Conductor Number Seventeen Verions 4.0 is a technolecture of memory, distance and forgetting…including Jai Cha, an unprofessional dancer with a professional agenda and CN-17 sportswear designed by Eriko Tamura. In conjunction with the exhibition Metastasize, May 10-June 14th.

Bronx River Art Center
1087 East Trremont Avenue


4. Manena Frazier, FF Intern Alumn, opens Diamantina Gallery, reception May 10th

Diamantina Gallery, 47 Thames Street, Brooklyn, NY 11237 presents Bert Gossen and Tom Taylor. Opening Saturday May 10, 6-9 pm and continuing through May 31st. Saturday and Sunday, 11-5 and by appointment. 718-821-3774

L train to Morgan Avenue - walk two blocks south on Morgan and take a left on Thames Street and walk half a block.


5. Natalie Bookchin, FF Alumn, featured in May on dian-network.com

DIAN - Digital Interactive Artists' Network
DIAN - Digital Interactive Artists' Network -
Our focus for the month of May is NATALIE BOOKCHIN, FF Alumn. We proudly present her work:
"The Intruder "
A story in 8 games. (from a short story by Jorge Luis Borges)
Shoot, score, catch, hit a ball or kill an alien!
All in the name of love.


6. Brad Buckley, FF Member, at Raid Projects, Los Angeles, throughout May

FF Member Brad Buckley throughout May!
The Hood Gallery brings to the streets of Los Angeles ...
a project by BRAD BUCKLEY
At Raid Projects, 670 Moulton Street, Los Angeles, @ the Brewery

TARGET is the first work in a new series or cycle of works called the Etiquette Ring. This work has been produced especially for the Hood Gallery. Using the target as its single motif or in the language of the academy, a sign but a sign for what? While the traditional use of a small round shield as an object to fire at in competition offer us a particular history. If we read TARGET in light of recent world events, it may lead to a more speculative consideration of these concentric circles. The traditional notion of hitting the target when coupled with more recent ideas of obtaining the goal, places our sense of its earlier meaning as an object at odds when speaking of reaching or exceeding a target, of being short of it, or its being within sight. However, when considered in the present circumstances of the new language of the spin doctors, or what is often called dog whistle politics with surgical or decapitation strikes and strategic targets one is left to ponder whether these concentric circles mark out the farthest boundaries of the new empire rather than the centre of the Republic.

This is an edited extract from an interview by Nicholas Tsoutas of Brad Buckley in Monograph published by Artspace Visual Arts Centre, Sydney, Australia in 2001. ISBN 1 878017 724

Brad Buckley was born in 1952 spending his childhood years in Sydney, Australia. His Father, Jim Buckley, owned the Newcastle Hotel in Lower George Street. The Newcastle was one of the Push pubs and Buckley senior, presided over this place which was frequented by artists, poets, underworld figures and philosophers for almost twenty years. Brad Buckley was deeply influenced by this early exposure to the possibilities of a libertine life.

Throughout the 1970s, Brad Buckley travelled widely throughout North America and Europe. Attending St Martin's School of Art in London and between 1980 and 1982 Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, USA where he graduated with a Master of Fine Arts. His work has been exhibited widely in Australia, Europe and America, most recently at the Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Franklin Furnace, New York , CAST, Hobart, Australia and the Visual Arts Centre, the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Buckley is the recipient of various grants and scholarships and in 1990; he was awarded the PS 1 Institute for Contemporary Art Fellowship from the Australia Council. During 1997, he was Visiting Professor at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin and he is an Associate Professor in the Sydney College of the Arts, the University of Sydney. During 1999, he convened with John Conomos; a series of forums at Artspace Visual Arts Centre in Sydney titled 'The Republics of Ideas'. These forums explored the rhetorical, political and cultural implications of an Australian republic. In March 2001, Pluto Press published an anthology The Republics of Ideas edited by Buckley and John Conomos. In 2002, Artspace Visual Arts Centre in Sydney published an extensive monograph on his work.

For more information and press in the US contact Jane Polkinghorne:
+ 1 661 205 0962
For European press, please contact Per Huttner:


7. Mark Fox, FF Alumn, at Cincinnati Art Museum, opening May 17th

Contact: Natalie Wheeler
(513) 639-2954

Dust Collects in The Cincinnati Wing:
Mark Fox's exhibition explores collection and destruction

Devastating floods. Menacing tornadoes. Monster attacks. Mark Fox is meditating on impermanence. Destruction is his creative obsession and the inspiration for his upcoming installation, Dust, which opens on May 17 in the new Cincinnati Wing of the Cincinnati Art Museum (CAM).
"I am interested in the power of objects and the impulse to collect them on both a private and public level. Also at issue for me is the opposite side of collecting-the notion of impermanence. Some elements in Dust comment directly on the Museum's role as a collector and preserver of cultural artifacts," says Fox, a Cincinnati native who holds a master's degree in fine arts from Stanford University.
"As we envisioned The Cincinnati Wing, which is devoted to telling the story of the history of the visual arts in our city, we felt that it was important to present the work of contemporary Cincinnati artists in this context," observes Timothy Rub, CAM Director. "The 15th and final gallery of The Cincinnati Wing is intended to serve this purpose, and we are delighted to feature Mark Fox's work in the first of a series of exhibitions that will, over time, offer our visitors wonderful insights into the state of the arts in Cincinnati today."
Dust, which runs through July 20, is a multimedia installation featuring the title piece, which consists of over 4,000 drawings of Fox's personal belongings, ranging from screwdrivers to cameras to whiskey bottles. Painted florescent green on the underside and then suspended from the wall at varying depths, these drawings create an effect that is, by virtue of the sheer number of objects, overwhelming at first glance, yet also endlessly fascinating and meticulously rendered.
Visitors to the installation will experience Fox's paired themes of collecting and loss when entering the gallery through an archway fabricated of molded dust particles, swept from the floor of his studio.
Fox is inviting visitors to interact with his installation, too. Winged visitors, that is: "I created a birdhouse replica of the Museum's Weston Gallery (originally the location of noted sculptor Clement Barnhorn's studio) and erected it on the CAM grounds," Fox says. "A live-feed camera placed inside my 'barnhornbirdhouse' will provide viewers with an ongoing record of the birds nesting, pecking and otherwise destroying the works of art displayed in this imitation gallery."
The artist credits his childhood experience with a tornado as an early lesson in destruction and the impermanence of objects: "It was an eye-opening moment that called into question everything I had believed in as permanent," Fox says. "Such dramatic events can physically destroy buildings, but they also destroy an internal belief structure, which you are then left behind to rebuild. Tornadoes have become emblematic of that process for me."
In creating the works for Dust, Fox considered how this theme was reinforced by recent events. "With the destruction of the giant Buddhas in Afghanistan and the attacks of September 11, we saw that when art or architecture is destroyed, aspects of culture are lost," Fox says. "What we consider to be strongholds of society are actually as vulnerable as we are to destruction and loss."

As part of the exhibition, Fox has created two video projections that threaten the Museum itself by tornado and by flood. "These are meant as somber, elegiac contemplations on the illusion of a 'permanent collection,'" says Fox. He changes the tone, if not the intention, in a third disaster video, which features a comic nemesis, "Nutzilla" (Fox's giant version of Planter's Mr. Peanut), wreaking havoc throughout the Museum.
"Predictably, Fox is not commenting on the Museum and what it represents- the collecting and conservation of works of art and their exhibition and interpretation - in a straightforward and analytical way," notes Rub. "Rather, he has constructed a sort of parallel universe in which the orderly display of objects and presentation of information gives way to something entirely different."

Mark Fox has been awarded numerous fellowships and residencies over the past 20 years, including residencies in Munich and Prague and grants from the Jim Henson Foundation and the Ohio Arts Council. His solo and group works (with his performance troupe, Saw Theater) have been shown at the Detroit Institute of Art, Theater for the New City in New York, the Aronoff Center for the Arts in Cincinnati, the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati and The Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Fox's work will be part of the group show, Welcome! from May 17- June 21, 2003, and mounted in a solo exhibition Sept. 13 through Oct. 18, 2003, both at Linda Schwartz Gallery in Cincinnati. Dust, a retrospective of Fox's work, will be available for purchase in the Museum bookstore.
The Cincinnati Art Museum is open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesdays, the CAM stays open late, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday, the Museum is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday noon to 6 p.m. School tours only can be scheduled between 9 and 11 a.m. on weekdays. Beginning May 17, the Cincinnati Art Museum's hours will change to 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, with extended hours until 9 p.m. on Wednesdays.
Admission prices are $5 adults, $4 senior citizens and college students, and free to children 17 and under. Saturdays at the CAM are free. Annual CAM memberships start at $25. Beginning May 17, general admission to the Museum will be free of charge. For general information and ticketline, please call (513) 721-ARTS, or call toll free at 1-877-472-4CAM. Visit our Web site at www.cincinnatiartmuseum.org.

The Cincinnati Wing has been made possible in part by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, promoting excellence in the humanities. The Cincinnati Art Museum also gratefully acknowledges the generous operating support provided annually by the Fine Arts Fund and the City of Cincinnati. Additionally, the Ohio Arts Council helped fund the Cincinnati Art Museum with state tax dollars to encourage economic growth, educational excellence and cultural enrichment for all Ohioans. The Institute of Museum and Library Services, a federal agency that fosters innovation, leadership and a lifetime of learning, supports the Cincinnati Art Museum.


8. Kal Spelletich, FF Alumn, at Columbia College, TONITE, and party May 9th.


Thursday May 8, 2003, 7 PM
Columbia College
3rd floor
Prentis Hall
632 w 125th st
New York, NY

Friday May 9, Doors 9, I go on at 11 or 12
57 Thames St.,
2nd Floor,
Brooklyn, NY

I am bringing from San Francisco a walking machine that walks when you talk to it (voice activated) with an onboard pyro unit (that is triggered with each heartbeat (an EKG). I am going to demo it and let people operate it on Fri. May 9 at Officeops.


info and directions:


9. David Medalla, FF Alumn, at ICA in Boston and in NYC during May, 2003

I will be participating in the exhibition "Pulse" Art, Healing and Transformation", curated by Jessica Morgan, associate curator: Emily Moore, at the Institute of Contemporary Art of Boston, 955 Bolyston, Boston, May 14 - August 3, 2003.

I will also be doing impromptus and giving performances in New York City throughout the latter part of May, especially

Peace-loving artists and art -lovers everywhere are invited to come and participate in two live events in Brookyln, New York City, on Saturday, May 31, 2003, starting at 3:30 p.m. The first event will be the colorful PUKI PEACE PROCESSION by American artist Reynolds. The procession will feature banners displaying Reynolds' beautiful paintings of archetypal women in world myths, legends and history, displaying proudly their flaming "puki". The word "puki" is native Pilipino for "vagina". Reynolds first conceived this original series of art works while contemplating the statue of Hercules in Kassel, Germany, several years ago. At first the paintings( whose sources are the images of divine women : virgins, goddeses and saints of global cultures) with their flaming vaginas seemed to Reynolds to be Monstruous, and she initially called the series "Puki Monsters". But when she conceived her child Raphael, she re-named the series "Puki MOMsters", in honor of the different manifestations of the Mother.

The first Puki Procession (with the partiicipation of Marisol Cavia, Adam Nankervis, and Kim Creighton) took place at the Horniman Museum in London during the World Tea Party curated by Trolley Bus (aka Bryan Mulvihill) as part of the London Biennale in the summer of 2002. The second Puki Procession took place a month later at the Peter Pan monument and proceeded to the Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, London, with the participation of London Biennale artists.

For the Puki Peace Procession in Brooklyn, Reynolds has created a new painting inspired by the loss of the historic Warka Vase in Baghdad during the recent war in Iraq, in honor of the goddess Inama.The on-going Puki Momsters project is Reynolds' deeply felt and personal critique of ubiquitous and imposing phallic monuments. It is therefore relevant and ironic that the Puki Peace Procession will start at the Memorial Arch commemorating the American Civil War at the Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn.

The march will proceed to the Vale of Kashmir Gardens in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens nearby. Filipino artist David Medalla will perform there his impromptu entitled "A Veil of Cashmere in the Vale of Kashmir". This work is a conitnuation of his performance entiled "The Missing Wife of Osama Bin Laden", which Medalla performed at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and at the Al Kufa Gallery & Al Saqi bookshop in London in 2001. After his impromptu, David Medalla (as Baron Allergie de Tackyville) will initiate the grand "Liberte Picnique" with the assistance of Andrew Reyner as the Statue of Liberty and Adam Nankervis as Hanuman, the Monkey God. Medalla is inviting the public to come to the picnic dressed in monkey masks and monkey costumes and to bring with them French cheese, French wine and French bread, which (after they have surrendered those Gallic comestibles to Medalla) the artist will re-name "LiberteBrie, EgaliteVin, FraterniteBaguette". Medalla is also asking the public to bring with them musical instruments (bells, tambourines, saxaphones, drums, flutes, accordions, guitars, harps, etc). for the improvised dancing which will follow the "Liberte Picnique".

Though very diverse in their means of artistic expression, both Reynolds and Medalla structure into their works their love of world cultures which they conflate into astonishing and fantastical creations. Reynolds is currently a teaching artist at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. She has given solo shows of her paintings in Vienna, Berlin and London. Her latest exhibition was at the Danny Simmons Corridor Gallery in Brooklyn. She and her husband Raoul Tenazas have collaborated on a number of artistic

David Medalla is the founder and director of the London Biennale. A winner of a painting award from the New York Foundation for the Arts, Medalla was also a DAAD artist in Berlin. Medalla's witty, erotic, lyrical, inventive and ironic performances (including "Bambi Shitting Dollars" at the Clocktower Gallery in Manhattan during the "Travels II" exhibition curated by Chris Dercon in 1989, and "Five Immortals at Drop Dead Prices" at Cooper Union in New York as part of the 1992 Franklin Furnace in Exile program in 1992) have become legendary among art lovers. In l993, David Medalla founded with Adam Nankervis the Mondrian Fan Club . David Medalla is currently showing a new version of his participatory art work entitled "A Stitch in Time" at the exhibition "Pulse: Art, Healing, and Transformation", curated by Jessica Morgan and assisted by Emily Moore, at the Insitute of Contemporary Art in Boston, Massachusetts.

For further information about the PUKI PEACE PROCESSION please contact by E mail: reynoldsnart@aol.com
For further information about LIBERTE PICNIQUE please contact by E mail: davidmedalla@hotmail.com


10. Ron Athey, FF Alumn, Birmingham, England, May 25, 26, 2003

The Language of Flowers

... even more than by the filth of its organs, the flower is betrayed by the fragility of its corolla: thus, far from answering the demands of human ideas, it is the sign of their failure. In fact after a very short period of glory, the marvellous corolla rots indecently in the sun , thus becoming ... a garish withering. Risen from the stench of the manure pile - even though it seemed for a moment to have escaped it in a flight of angelic and lyrical purity - theflower seems to relapse abruptly into its original squalor.
Georges Bataille. The Language of Flowers

Lee Adams will be performing The Language of Flowers at Visions of Excess, curated by Ron Athey and Vaginal Davis as part of Fierce! 2003.

Ron Athey and Vaginal Davis have brought together over twenty artists from around the world, including Bruce LaBruce, Velvet Hammer Burlesque, Nicola Bowery & Kira O'Reilly to take part in this voyage into the heart of darkness. Combining installations, stage shows, burlesque, film and DJs under the roof of Demon lap-dancing club, Visions of Excess will be an 18 hour communion with the ragged spirit of Georges Bataille, and a day and night to remember.

Step In. Let Your Eyes Adjust. We've Got All Night, So Take Your Time...

Sunday 25 May 2pm - Monday 26 May 10am. Club Demon, Holloway Head, Birmingham City Centre

Tickets: £8/6 (allows multiple entry) from 0121 440 3838. Early Booking Advisable



11. Deborah Garwood, FF Alumn, photos, dance and art reviews in the news.

hello friends,
Camera Austria #81 is out with my photo project, Paris Solstice, on page 64. PAJ #74 is on the Dia Bookstore stands with the dance review on Noemie LaFrance. Newport Review No. 7, Feb. 2003, published "Understudy" (poem). artcritical.com will soon upload a review of Ena Swansea's recent show at Gasser Gunert.
enjoy, best to everyone, Deborah Garwood


12. Koosil-ja, FF Alumn, at Elan in Brooklyn, May 9th starting at 10 pm.

Élan presents ergonomix 4

the knights of resignation
Date: Friday May 9, 2003
Hours: 10PM - 3AM
Cost: $5
Place:70 Washington St btwn York and Front St
Direction by train
A or C to High St., exit back of train, walk down Cadman Plaza West under Brooklyn Bridge
F to York St., exit back of train, walk down York St
2 or 3 to Clark St., walk down Henry St. to Old Fulton, take a left, go under BQE

contact koosil-ja@earthlink.net


13. Cheri Gaulke, FF Alumn, Dedication of Public Art piece, Los Angeles, Sat., May 10

You are invited to the dedication of the Avenue 26 Metro Gold Line Station (Los Angeles) and the first public viewing of Water Street: River of Dreams, public art by Cheri Gaulke. After the dedication, the art will be covered and will not be unveiled again until the trains run in July.

Here's part of a statement about the artwork:
Cheri Gaulke's concept for the Avenue 26 Station honors the location of the station. It is near the confluence of the Arroyo Seco and the Los Angeles River. With that as a reference, she forms a sense of connection between the Gabrielino (Tongva) Indians who once lived here and a flowing landscape that creates a metaphoric circulatory system of water, of development, of people in the past, and of trains and commuters.

An old street sign found at the site inspired the title of the artwork, Water Street. The artwork includes a life-size bronze sculpture of a Tongva woman gathering river water, a dry riverbed of arroyo stones, a copper and steel "story fence" triptych, coyote footprints throughout the station, and native landscaping.

For more info: glkberry@earthlink.net


14. Ruth Hardinger, FF Allumn, at Pierro Gallery, South Orange, NJ, May 25-July 13th

"Elements Unearthed:4 Sculptors", Pierro Gallery of South Orange, 5/25/03-7/13/03.
Baird Center, 5 Meade St., South Orange, NJ 07079.
973-378-7754/tel. Director: Judy Wukitsch


15. Anita Ponton, FF Alumn, two new performance works in Montreal during May


Projet n.m. Project, plan; scheme
Projo n.m. technical theatre slang for video or film projector

Montreal, April 15th, 2003 - From May 21 to 31, 2003, Studio 303, in collaboration with MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) welcomes one and all to discover the third edition of projet/projo, an evening of projected art. In an environment akin to an interactive museum, projet/projo brings together, in a singular event, more than 30 local, national and international artists who will present, in situ, interdisciplinary performances, installations, film, video and light projections. Projet/projo explores the representation of the physical body, sound/image bytes, advanced technology and, above all, the creativity of artists who are willing to bend space so that we can read between the lines. Using the theme of the body perceived by the camera eye, the curators of this event selected works that reflect a variety of perceptions about being alive in flesh and blood during these increasingly digitalized times.

Six interdisciplinary performing artists will present their works in the theatre, 2 different shows each night: Daniel Barrow (Winnipeg), Anita Ponton (UK), Stephen Lawson/Aaron Pollard, Alexis O'Hara, Dinka Pignon (Vancouver) and Stéphane Gladyszewski. In-theatre performances will take place from Thursday to Saturday May 29, 30 & 31st at 8pm & 10pm; tickets by donation $2 - $10.

Cutting edge filmmakers and video artists Patrick Bérubé, Ivana Damien George (Massachussetts), Mike Stecky (Winnipeg), Evan Tapper (New York), Sylvie Saint Pierre, Anne Troake (St.Johns, Nfld.), as well as Jason Arsenault and Claudette Lemay of the collective Perte de signal, will be part of a program of projections in the gallery space taking place from Thursday to Saturday May 29, 30 & 31st at 9pm (free).

Thirteen artists will inhabit the public spaces (gallery, basement, nooks and crannies...) filling it with interactive video installations, performances, and other forms of hybrid art: Patrick Bérubé, Sonya Biernath & Jordi Ventura Fabra, Lesley Farley, Philippe Hamelin, Shauna Kennedy, Kondition Pluriel, Mary Ann Lacey, Tonja Livingstone & Jonathon Inksetter, Mathew McInnis, Stephen O'Connell (Toronto), Deb Van Slet, and Chanti Wadge. Anne Seagrave (Dublin, Ireland) will present her performance/installation at 7pm from Thursday to Saturday May 29, 30 & 31st (free).

Presented by Studio 303 in collaboration with the Mai from May 21st to 31st, 2003
at the MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) 3680 Jeanne-Mance Vernissage on Wednesday May 21st at 5pm with a live performance by Anne Seagrave (Dublin) Gallery open from noon to 6 pm May 22nd-31st (except Monday);
Extended hours Thursday-Saturday, May 29th, 30th & 31st:
Performance in the gallery at 7pm, screenings at 8 pm and two in-theatre shows at 9pm and 10 pm, DJs & VJs after 11pm

Press relations: Marie Sylvestre, (514) 522.1230 or msy@cam.org


16. Dottie Attie, FF Alumn at PPOW Gallery, through May 24th.

Dottie Attie's solo exhibition, "Sometimes a Traveler" was selected as a Village Voice Choice this week. Her work remains on view through May 24th at P.P.O.W. Gallery, 555 W. 25th Street, NYC. 212-647-1044.


17. Ken Butler, FF Alumn, in Williamsburg May 15 and Soho May 16th.

Friends ------a new collaboration in Williamsburg - (and a gig in Soho)

Ken Butler's Voices of Anxious Objects

Thursday May 15th 9pm
KB - Hybrid instruments
with Avram Fefer- soprano sax, clarinet, flute
M Shanghai Den 129 Havemeyer (Grand & S.1st)
$5 Williamsburg, Brooklyn 718-384-9300 www.mshanghaiden.com


Friday, May 16th
KB - Hybrid instruments 8pm
Steve Sandberg - wind synthesizer, voice 9pm
at Atmananda Yoga 552 Broadway (at Spring)
$10 Suggested Donation 212-489-3600

The artist-musician performs mesmerizing world textures and driving melodic gypsy grooves with passion and purpose on an amazing arsenal of amplified hybrid string instruments made from household objects and tools.Diverse influences include Indian Raga, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern folk, and Roma Gypsy music, mixed with a noisy "downtown" improv aesthetic and held together by a strong dose of African-American jazz, funk, and blues.

Avram Fefer - A fixture in New York City's 'downtown' music scene, Avram Fefer established his reputation as a formidable saxophonist/ improviser/ composer while living in Paris, France 1990-95. His jazz background merged with the great African and Arabic music he heard in the streets and clubs of Paris. Most importantly, Avram was heavily influenced by the creative expatriate scene he joined there, playing with musicians like Archie Shepp, Steve Lacy, Bobby Few, Graham Haynes, Jack Gregg, John Betsch, Sunny Murray, and Rasul Siddik, among others. Since moving to New York in '95, his musical life has grown in diversity. Avram brings together the worlds of mainstream, progressive, funk and avant-garde jazz, having performed with a diverse array of notable musicians such as David Murray, Reggie Washington, Fred Hopkins, Tony Allen, DJ Spooky, William Parker, and Jack Walrath , to name a few.
WEBSITE www.avramfefer.com

Steve Sandberg currently scores "Dora the Explorer" for Nickelodeon/CBS. With Uli Geissendorfer, he recently wrote the music for "Climbing Miss Sophie," which had its premiere at the 2002 Tribeca Film Festival. He has toured with David Byrne, Ruben Blades, and Bebel Gilberto. His current solo concerts, "Chants, Songs and Musical Landscapes," highly influenced by his studies of North Indian raga singing, are improvised shamanistic journeys bringing together his love of world music, pop, jazz and electronic sounds. He has presented them at the Knitting Factory, the Guggenheim Museum and Locus Media.

Ken Butler
427 Manhattan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11222
PHONE / FAX (718) 782-4383


18. Sabrina Jones, FF Alumn, MFA Exhibition at PPOW, opening May 8th, 6-8 pm

Sabrina Jones
Selected Works from the Thesis Projects
MFA Illustration as Visual Essay
School of Visual Arts
PPOW Gallery
476 Broome St (between Wooster & Greene)
Soho, New York
exhibit open May 8-20, Tues-Sat 10am-6pm


19. Sarah East Johnson, FF Alumn at DTW, through May 18th

Sarah East Johnson conceived and directed LAVA in High Tide, a world premiere at Dance Theater Workshop May 1 to 18. Tickets are available at www.dtw.org The show is a raucous blend of tumbling, trapeze, self-revelation and group process with visuals by Nancy Brooks Brody, music by The Butchies, sound by Jody Elff, lighting by Chloe Brown and costumes by Liz Prince. LAVA promises you a good and meaningful experience at their latest all new and different display of artistry, tricks, risk and honesty.


20. Suzanne Varni, FF Alumn, in Artist Alliance Open Studios tour, May 17, 12-7 pm

CONTACT:Shelly McGuinness (212)420-9202

The 7th Annual Open Studios
Saturday, May 17th, 12-7 PM
107 Suffolk St. NYC (CSV Center)

The Artists Alliance community of visual artists welcomes you to our 7th Annual Open Studios. This event offers a unique opportunity to view the work and creative environments of a diverse group of over 50 artists. When each artist walks off the busy streets of New York into their studio and closes the door we enter the vast, all encompassing world of contemporary art. We invite you to step inside and view our investigations of current issues, art theory and aesthetics using painting, video, sculpture, puppetry, drawing, ceramics, sewing, and mixed media. Our work is not complete without the inclusion of you, the viewer.

Artist Alliance, Inc. (AAI) is a non-for- profit arts organization founded in 1999 by visual artists based in New York City's Lower East Side. AAI maintains one of the largest long-term studio space programs in the City of New York. This program provides affordable long-term studios for professional working artists from the Lower Manhattan Community. AAI also hosts education and community-based programs including the Cuchifritos art gallery/project space.

We open our doors to you Saturday, May 17, 2003 at 12-7PM. Our studios are located at 107 Suffolk St., between Rivington Street and Delancey Street. It can be reached by taking the F train to the Delancy Street stop and walking 2 blocks east, or by taking the J or M trains the Essex Street stop. Refreshments will be served.


21. Lynn Book, FF Alumn & Dixon Place present Open Mouths for Hungry Ears, May 20th

Open Mouths for Hungry Ears
innovative performance for the voiced body

featuring original work by:
Colin Bridges Sujin Lee
Mary T. Converse Narani O'Shaughnessy
Vox Risk Holler
the worlds first performance art chorus
conducted by Lynn Book

Dixon Place @ HERE, 145 Sixth Ave.
tuesday, May 20, 7 - 8:30 pm
tickets: $15 or TDF, $12 adv, $10 students, srs.
reservations: 2 1 2 - 6 4 7 - 0 2 0 2

and register now for JUNE labs!

June 3 - July 1: 5 tuesdays, 7 - 8:30 pm
CAP 21 studios, 18 w. 18th st. betw. 5th and 6th
with an informal showing on last night
for singers of songs, wannabes, singer/songwriters, closet singers, folks who love playing with voice, but don't fancy themselves 'singers'...learn some full bodied, imaginative approaches to the act of singing. includes a look at non-western and non-traditional modes of singing. bring song material to explore + some group singing. $145 for all 5 sessions if registered by May 23.
Voice and Wellness - release and revitalize
June 11 - 25: 3 wednesdays 7 - 9 pm
CAP 21 studios, 18 w. 18th st. betw. 5th and 6th
a lab for those interested in therapeutic, awareness and transformative aspects of the voiced body.we'll explore modes of meditation and engagement through spiritual and artistic practices that include strengthening, healing and generative elements in order to (re)gain lively interconnections between breath, voice, body, imagination and world.$85 for all three sessions if registerd by June 2

Listen In - an artists' forum
June 12 & 19: 2 thursdays, 6 - 9 pm
location TBA
a new 2 part lab for artists to share voice/sound related material in various stages of development for critical and artistic feedback in order to shape the work in a clearer, more dynamic way. the lab is open to performance and media artists, writers, dancers, theater and visual artists and will foster the notion of interdisciplinarity not only in form, but in conceptual approach. you are encouraged to bring a select excerpt for consideration or discreet element or passage - talk to lynn about format of presentation.
$55 for 2 sessions if registered by June 3

registration: 2 1 2 - 5 2 9 - 8 9 9 1
private sessions ongoing with a summer special
4 in a row 2-4-0!!
bring a friend, do it again!

Lynn Book / Voicelab
~where voice gets reinvented~
535 E. 14th St. #4F
New York NY 10009 USA



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