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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
April 17, 2003

1. Barbara Lehmann, FF Alumn, Memorial Event at The Kitchen, May 5th.
2. Ken Butler, FF Alumn, at Sideshow Performance, April 23rd, 7 pm
3. Anna Mosby Coleman, FF Alumn, performs in Madison Square Park, April 19th
4. RENO, FF Alumn, NYC premiere run of film of her show by N. Savoca, begins May 1st at Cinema Village.
5. Mike Asente, FF A lumn, in Decade exhibition at Schroeder Romero, through May 19.
6. Kimball Higgs, FF Alumn, curates women photographers' exhibition at Grolier Club, with work by Cindy Sherman, FF Alumn, and others, May 14-August 2
7. Koosil-ja, FF Alumn, at Elan, Brooklyn, Saturday, April 19th, 10 pm - 2 am.
8. Susana Cook, FF Alumn, presents Dykenstein at WOW Café, closing April 19th.
9. John Fleck, FF Alumn, at Highways, Santa Monica, CA, April 27th, 7:30 pm
10. Charles Dennis, FF Alumn, presents The Gift, at BAX, May 2nd and 3rd, 8 PM
11. Kathy Rose, FF Alumn, wins 2003 Guggenheim Fellowship in Perofrmance Art
12. William Pope.L, FF Alumn, interviewed on NYFA's website.

1. Barbara Lehmann, FF Alumn, Memorial Event at The Kitchen, May 5th.

Hi---We are having an event, "Remembering Barbara" at The Kitchen on Monday evening, May 5th, from 6 to 9pm. There will be food, drinks, a short one-act play, "Scattered" by Barbara's sister Stephanie Lehmann, and a 45 minute video of Barbara performing in the mid 80s. We'd really like to see you and please invite people who knew Barbara. In order to have plenty of food and drinks, please r.s.v.p. ---- mmalka@Mindspring.com and kbrew66933@aol.com
Regards--Minnette Lehmann(Barbara's Mother) and Kathy Brew


2. Ken Butler, FF Alumn, at Sideshow Performance, April 23rd, 7 pm

Sideshow Performance
(offering me an opportunity to try something different) presents:

Ken Butler's Voices of Anxious Objects
Wednesday April 23rd 7pm

The Hybrid Instruments (amplified sculptures made from household objects and tools) are coaxed (and coerced) to sing for their supper (ancient-future-funk forms and textures) in extended improvisations looped, layered, duped, and dubbed on the fly. Stacks of rackets and rhythms.

AND ---(for the first time in a long while)---The urban bricoleur pulls out the auto-strum "K-Board" for experiments over a relentless groove (made by a motorized bicycle tire rimmed with guitar pics) powering a single amplified string and over 50 lights.

Diverse influences include Indian Raga, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern folk, and Roma Gypsy music, mixed with a noisy "downtown" improv aesthetic and held together by a strong dose of African-American jazz, funk, and blues.

Sideshow Gallery
319 Bedford Avenue (btwn. S.3rd & S.2nd)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

This is a Free Event


3. Anna Mosby Coleman, FF Alumn, performs in Madison Square Park, April 19th

Anna Mosby Coleman, FF Alumn, performs "Forgive Nest" and "Would You" in Madison Square Park, New York City on April 19. There she will give concrete poems to park-goers.

This is the newest installment of her series "70 x 7" which takes place in intervals in the cities of New York, London, and Lisbon. For this project, Anna Mosby Coleman has constructed portable concrete poems. They are rebuses made of original drawings and photographs that sound out sentences concerning forgiveness. On Saturday, she will give the objects to people she encounters as she walks through the park.

For more information:
contact the artist at 1@annamosbycoleman.com


4. RENO, FF Alumn, NYC premiere run of film of her show by N. Savoca, begins May 1st at Cinema Village.

Nancy Savoca's performance film of my show Rebel Without a Pause is finally opening in NYC with a benefit for the American Civil Liberties Union, and my home group, New Yorkers Say No To War (http://www.nysaynotowar.org). May Day, Thursday, May 1 @ 7:30pm @ Cinema Village - 12th & University - 212 924-3363. Tkts - SMARTTIX - 212 868-4444 - http://www.smarttix.com. The regular run starts Friday, May 2nd. The film has to sell $10,000 the first weekend, or they stop showing it, so if you feel like goin', please do. Peace,


5. Mike Asente, FF A lumn, in Decade exhibition at Schroeder Romero, through May 19.

Hi -
I've got new embroidery work in the Decade exhibition at:
Schroeder Romero
173a N 3rd st
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, through May 19th, 2003


6. Kimball Higgs, FF Alumn, curates women photographers' exhibition at Grolier Club, with work by Cindy Sherman, Barbara Pollack, FF Alumns, and others, May 14-August 2

Contact: Megan Smith

The Auroral Light: Photographs By Women From Grolier Club Member Collections
at The Grolier Club, May 14-August 2, 2003
"The Morning is due to all--to some--the night--to an imperial few--the auroral light."
--Emily Dickinson

Works by over eighty women photographers are the subject of this exhibition, drawn from the collections of Grolier Club members. Exploring a little-known aspect of Grolier member collecting, the exhibition unites modernist and postmodern photographers from Berenice Abbott to Helen Levitt, from Nan Goldin to Cindy Sherman. This gathering of more than 130 photographs and photographically-illustrated books serves as an evaluation of women's contributions to camera art and documentation, three decades after the first feminists brought female photographers to wide public attention.

Organized thematically, "The Auroral Light" shows how these generations of women photographers have tackled portraits and figure studies, the landscape, cityscape, and still life, and how they experiment with set-up subjects, photocollage, photograms, and the like. Well-known photographers such as Margaret Bourke-White, Imogen Cunningham, Lotte Jacobi, and Louise Dahl-Wolfe are represented by signature images as well as lesser-known prints. Less familiar names, including Eva Watson-Schütz, Carlotta Corpron, and Edith Worth, come from the ranks of photographers who worked in the first half of the 20th century. Younger photographers include Ellen Carey, Susan Derges, Sally Mann, and Catherine Opie, while Mari Mahr, DoDo Jin Ming, Barbara Pollack, and Liz Rideal are among the newcomers.

Portraits of photographers and writers are a strong suit of "The Auroral Light," reflecting the Grolier Club mission to preserve and promulgate knowledge of books and the book arts. Here are photographs of James Joyce by Giselle Freund, Janet Flanner by Berenice Abbott, Henry Miller by Mary Ellen Mark, Paul Strand by Lotte Jacobi, and Irving Penn by Lisa Fonssagrives, among other portraits. The earliest photograph in the exhibition is by the passionate Victorian, Julia Margaret Cameron, of her friend Alfred, Lord Tennyson as "The Dirty Monk."

"The Auroral Light" is the only the second major exhibition of photographs in Grolier Club history. The first, "The Truthful Lens," was organized in 1974 by Grolier member Harrison Horblit, whose own renowned collection of early photography is now at the Houghton Library, Harvard University.

The current exhibition's focus on women photographers, however, calls attention to the increasing prominence of women as collectors of books and book arts and to celebrate the contributions of women to the life of the Grolier Club. The Grolier Club members who lent to this exhibition do not collect photographs by women exclusively: major contributors such as Nancy and Robinson Grover of Hartford, CT, collect contemporary photographs that experiment with perception and expand the boundaries of the medium; Donald Oresman of New York City collects images of people reading; Neale Albert and George Meredith, of Manhattan and Upper Montclair, NJ, respectively, acquire photographs from photographers they have known and admired.

"The Auroral Light" is curated by Anne Hoy, former curator at the International Center of Photography, and Kimball Higgs, Gagosian Gallery, and sponsored by the Club's Committee on Prints, Drawings, & Photographs.

LOCATION AND TIMES: The Auroral Light will be on view at the Grolier Club from 14 May - 2 Aug., with the exception of May 26, when the Grolier Club will close in observance of Memorial Day, and July 4, in celebration of Independence Day.
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM. Open to the public free of charge.

Poetry used by permission of the publishers and Trustees of Amherst College from THE POEMS OF EMILY DICKINSON, Thomas H. Johnson, ed., Cambridge, Mass.: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Copyright © 1951, 1955, 1979, by the President and Fellows of Harvard College.


7. Koosil-ja, FF Alumn, at Elan, Brooklyn, Saturday, April 19th, 10 pm - 2 am.

Saturday 4/19
clone (share/Allied Electronics)
koosil-ja (Bully Records)
lloop (we, theAgriculture, share)
somatic (caipirinha music)
@ élan
Date: Saturday April 19, 2003
Hours: 10PM - 2AM
Place: élan in NEST 68 Washington Street between York and Front Street
Cost: $5
Direction by train
A or C to High St., exit back of train, walk down Cadman Plaza West under Brooklyn Bridge
F to York St., exit back of train, walk down York St
2 or 3 to Clark St., walk down Henry St. to Old Fulton, take a left, go under BQE

"ergonomix," curated by koosil-ja, features artists from new york city's rich electronic music scene. élan will host an evening of diverse artists in search of that perfect beat. No particular style or sub-genre dominates.

Come celebrate the grand opening of élan and a benefit for NEST in DUMBO. NEST will host a 16-month residency for nine or more organizations including a new space for koosil-ja¹s creations.


8. Susana Cook, FF Alumn, presents Dykenstein at WOW Café, closing April 19th.

Dykenstein: Sex Horror and The Tragedy of the Straight Brain
written and directed by Susana Cook

FINALLY, a version of the Frankenstein classic everyone can enjoy. The scariest Frankenstein ever! A Frankenstein so scary, it could only be one thing - Susana Cook's masterful creation - Dykenstein! The clouds raced across the sky, the wind howled, the shutters banged -- it was a queer evening.... when Dr. Dykenstein (after years of questioning, confusion, exploration, and shameful hiding out in the laboratory) finally, triumphantly creates the perfect dyke, but tragedy strikes when her ambiguously gendered assistant goes out for an extended smoke break, the creature is left alone and something goes horribly wrong. Undone by the turn of events, Dr. Dykenstein must make decisions that could forever change the face of science and the Lesbian Nation. What's the good dyke doctor to do? (click here: http://www.susanacook.com/flyer3.htm)

Featuring: Susana Cook, Felice Shays, Mistah, Stacey Whitmire, Chalee Snorton, Melissa Shimkovitz, Lisa Gluckin, E.J.An, Fanya Cutler, Kimbley Gilchrist and Johnny Kat. Original score: Julian Mesri Cook

DYKENSTEIN will be presented at WOW Cafe through April 19th
Fridays and Saturdays at 10pm
Tickets: $9 Lesbians, Trans, students: $7
WOW Cafe. 59 East 4th street (Between Bowery and Second Avenue)
Subways: F to 2nd or 6 to Astor Place phone: 212-777-4280

Reservations: 212-631-3609
website: http://www.susanacook.com
Voice mail: 212-631-360
email: susana.cook@mindspring.com


9. John Fleck, FF Alumn, at Highways, Santa Monica, CA, April 27th, 7:30 pm

HIGHWAYS PERFORMANCE SPACE presents Nationally Acclaimed Performance Artist ONE NIGHT ONLY!!!! APRIL 27, 2003 7:30PM

in his latest extravaganza NOTHIN' BEATS PUSSY
ONE NIGHT ONLY!!!! APRIL 27, 2003 7:30PM
Get ready to enter the fantasy world of Pussy, a knockout blonde bombshell and her B movie co-star Del Cracker. Their song and dance exploits culminate in a cathartic showdown of scandalous dimensions. 'LA's premiere provocateur' explores adolescent romance, obsession, family love, and the American Legion. It is a splashy, trashy road show recalling Fleck's own bumpy road (to Perdition) from Cleveland to sunny California. This production is co-directed by Randee Trabitz.

NOTHIN' BEATS PUSSY is Nothing less than hard core Fleck throwing his big Hollywood self into the great family story. And Fleck dives the only way he can... DEEP into a fantasy world of Hi-Fi records from the 1960's, a blonde beehive hairdo, go-go boots, white fringe and bargain basement family values!

PLUS a complimentary HI-BALL on the house, PLUS CASH PRIZES AWARDED NIGHTLY, PLUS more surprise guests than you can shake a swizzle-stick at! and tickets are ONLY $15
1651 18TH STREET


10. Charles Dennis, FF Alumn, presents The Gift, at BAX, May 2nd and 3rd, 8 PM

BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange Presents:
FRIDAY and SATURDAY MAY 2-3, 2003 at 8PM
ADMISSION: $15 General Admission/ $10 Members/ $8 Low-Income

Choreographer, performer and video artist Charles Dennis will perform his new solo The Gift. This piece continues his innovative approach to combining live and pre-recorded video with live performance. The Gift is a dream play that begins with an image of Dennis sleeping and holding a small, wireless video camera with the camera's image projected onto a nearby TV monitor. A large red box descends to the stage and Dennis discovers a miniature doll version of himself inside holding a tiny, wireless video camera. Dance, theater and video combine to chart the tender relationship that evolves between the two characters. It evokes cloning, parenting, the life cycle and human legacy. Deborah Jowitt from The Village Voice wrote that Dennis' 1999 piece Mr. Remote was, "Brilliant.the piece perfectly and scarily captures the demonics of our increasingly virtual world."

The Gift was created and developed while Dennis was an Artist-in-Residence at BAX during the 2001-2003 seasons. Dennis is a choreographer, performance artist and videographer who has been involved with avant-garde dance and performance for more than 30 years. A former member of director Robert Wilson's theater company, Dennis has created a body of dance and performance work that has been presented in venues worldwide. He recently collaborated on the video design for choreographer Neil Greenberg's new work, TWO, which was presented at Dance Theater Workshop. He is currently working on a feature length documentary entitled Homecoming: Celebrating 20 Years of Dance at P.S. 122. More information about Charles Dennis' work is available at www.charlesdennis.net.

Jim Neu joins Charles Dennis to present TARGET AUDIENCE: The Code of the Western. This piece is directed by Keith McDermott with text by Jim Neu, music by Harry Mann, video design by Charles Dennis and it will be performed by Jim Neu and Deborah Auer. Jim Neu has written and performed more than 25 plays since the late 70s, most recently AEROBIA (with Douglas Dunn) at P.S.122, and KISS SHOT at La MaMa. The complete version of TARGET AUDIENCE: The Code of the Western will be presented at La MaMa in September 2003.

BAX/BROOKLYN ARTS EXCHANGE is Brooklyn's leading not-for-profit professional community arts organization providing classes, performances, and artist services. BAX/BROOKLYN ARTS EXCHANGE is located at 421 Fifth Avenue (at 8th Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn. By subway, take the F train to 4th Avenue. For information or reservations please call (718) 832-0018 or info@bax.org


11. Kathy Rose, FF Alumn, wins 2003 Guggenheim Fellowship in Perofrmance Art

Kathy Rose Awarded A 2003 Guggenheim Fellowship in Performance Art.

The Fellowship will be used to create a performative video "Queen of the Fluids" - a voyage inside the brain using projected imagery and video puppetry.

Kathy Rose's work has evolved from her pioneering performance work combining dance with film/animation in the 1980-90's, to her current surreal performance video spectacles with influence from symbolist art and the Japanese Noh theater. Her video installations include life-sized performative figures and small exquisite "puppet paintings". Rose also offers an interdisciplinary workshop in performance art, and is a Senior Lecturer at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia as well as a Distinguished Alumni of the California Institute of the Arts.

"From sci-fi Balinese insect queen to Kleopat'Ra wandering in the desert night, Kathy Rose offered moments of transcendent strangeness and visual wonder... Her work points toward a kind of new stage metaphysics" Philadelphia Inquirer

Web - www.krose.com
video clips - www.harvestworks.org/creativec


Nancy Andrews, FF Alumn, at MoMA at the Gramercy Theater, April 28, 8 pm

The Museum of Modern Art presents an evening with filmmaker Nancy Andrews, including The Rteach of an Arm and Monkeys and Lumps. Monday, April 28th at 8 PM at the Gramercy Theater, 127 E. 23rd Street at Lexington Avenue. More information at www.moma.org
Box office 212-777-4900FF Alumn,


12. William Pope.L, FF Alumn, interviewed on NYFA's website.

Please visit the New York Foundation for the Art's website to read an interview with William Pope.L, FF Alumn. www.nyfa.org



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