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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
March 5, 2003

1. Martha Wilson, FF Founding Director, lectures in Detroit, March 6, 7:30 pm
2. William Pope.L, FF Alumn, Crawl, Saturday March 8, starting at noon.
3. Mike Osterhout, FF Alumn, retros[pective at Max Fish, opening March 7
4. David Medalla, FF Alumn, performs and exhibits in Germany, March 2003
5. Isabel Samaras, FF Alumn, in books, magazines and art exhibitions.
6. Annie Lanzillotto, FF Alumn, reading in NYC, March 7 and April 13
7. Remembering Bob Carroll at New York Theater Workshop, March 17, 7:30 pm
8. Inspector Collector, FF Alumn, seeks kids with collections for TV pilot filming April 27.
9. Yoav Gal, FF Alumn, in Portal, a net.dance,
10. Nicolás Dumit Estévez performance is modified by NYC police
11. Jim Costanzo's Holland Tunnel billboard through March 23rd, March 7 reception.
12. Susanna Cook, FF Alumn, presents Dykenstein, March 28-April 19 at WOW.
13. Nora York, FF Alumn, sings at Joe's Pub, Thursday March 13 at 7:30 pm
14. Joni Mabe, FF Alumn, at Mercury Art Works, Athens GA, thru March 31, 2003
15. Elly Clarke, FF Intern-Alumn, presents online photo project.
16. Shirin Neshat, FF Alumn, presents Rapture, Spanga, Sweden, thru April 20, 2003
17. Ligorano/Reese, FF Alumns, present In Memory of Truth, Opening March 8, 2003
18. Deborah Garwood, FF Alumn, at Hartsook Gallery thru March 29, 2003
19. Sonya Rapoport, FF Alumn, in Paris, France, March 23-24
20. Javier Tellez, FF Alumn, resigns as Venezuela's rep at Venice Biennal.
21. Kathy Westwater, FF Alumn, at Brooklyn Museum of Art, March 16th, 4 pm
22. Koosil-ja Hwang, FF Alumn, at Tonic, March 12, 8 pm
23. Roberta Allen, FF Alumn, reads at Art in General, March 12 at 7PM
24. Christa Maiwald, FF Alumn, at Florence Lynch Gallery, opening March 8, 6-9 pm
25. Richard Schechner, FF Alumn, at La MaMa E.T.C., March 20-April 6th.
26. Donna Henes, FF Alumn, celebrates Women's Day, March 8th, 7:30 pm
27. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, March 9th at Fez, New York City
28. Jessica Crombie, FF Intern-Alumn, presents p(ART)ies, March 22nd
29. J. Mandle, FF Alumn, through April 6th at the Stable Building, Brooklyn.
30. Rob Andrews, FF Intern-Alumn, performs at Exit Art, beginning March 8, 7 pm
31. Dahn Hiuni, FF Alumn, new work, March 19th, 8 pm, at Penn State.

1. Martha Wilson, FF Founding Director, lectures in Detroit, March 6, 7:30 pm

The College for Creative Studies presents the spring 2003 Woodward Lecture Series with Martha Wilson lecturing on the artists' book movement.
College for Creative Studies
201 E. Kirby
Detroit MI 482-2


2. William Pope.L, FF Alumn, Crawl, Saturday March 8, starting at noon.

William Pope.L, FF Alumn, continues Crawl, Saturday, March 8th, 2003, starting at 12 noon at the northeast corner of Fulton Street and Broadway in lower Manhattan and proceeding north up Broadway.


3. Mike Osterhout, FF Alumn, retros[pective at Max Fish, opening March 7

Mike will have a retrospective of his work at Max Fish, on 178 Ludlow Street below E. Houston Street. 212-529-3959. Opening Friday March 7, 2003


4. David Medalla, FF Alumn, performs and exhibits in Germany, March 2003

On the evenings of March 21 and March 22, 2003, starting at nine p.m. till dawn, David Medalla, Franklin Furnace alumnus, will be performing with Claudia Boulton-Egypt, Adam Nankervis, Shoe Taylor Guinness, the Baroness Stincken, and various other artists in the Cabarette Night "Opportunity Knocks" at the KulturBrauerei, Galerie im Pferdestall, Knaakstrasse 97, Prenzlauer Berg, in Berlin. For further info about these evenings, please contact Christene, one of the event's organisers, at her mobile telephone number: 01632548712.

On March 28, 2003, at 6 p.m., David Medalla will be performing with Adam Nankervis at the opening of his solo exhibition of new monumental bubble-machines entitled "Cloud Canyons", to inaugurate the new showrooms of Galerie Kai Hilgemann, Zimmerstrasse 60 - 61, near Checkpoint Charlie, in Berlin. For further info about the show, please E mail hilgemann@snafu.de Everyone is invited to come to these events.


5. Isabel Samaras, FF Alumn, in books, magazines and art exhibitions.

FF Alumtrix Isabel Samaras is featured in a 6 page article in the current (May 2003) issue of "International Tattoo Art" magazine. It's a swell zippy article accompanied by 33 reproductions of paintings (tho' due to editorial policy at the mag they have airbrushed out all the nipples and ass cracks -- go figger)

"Vicious, Delicious & Ambitious: 20th Century Women Artists" by Sherri Cullison hits bookstores. The snazzy hardback "coffee table" book features the bold and provocative work of twenty ambitious ladies, including Samaras, who have staked their claim in this outsider genre of art. "Dripping with color, street-level sensibilities and flamboyant style." (Also available from amazon.com, or through www.devilbabe.com for somewhat less $$.)

Samaras is also featured in the grand opening exhibition at START Soma Gallery, March 15th, in San Francisco. (www.startsoma.com)

Dip into more Samaras stuff at www.devilbabe.com


6. Annie Lanzillotto, FF Alumn, reading in NYC, March 7 and April 13

Friday, March 7, 2003,
In honor of International Women's Day, The John D. Calandra Italian American Institute, Queens College/CUNY, and Malìa: A Collective of Italian American Women, present: Roberta Cantow's 1981 film "Clotheslines" and an open poetry reading to follow on the themes of laundry, clotheslines, and women's domestic labor. 6:30PM
Calandra Institute, 25 W. 43rd St. (between 5th & 6th Avenues), 18th floor, NYC
(212) 642-2042 information. Free. Seating is limited.
I'll be reading an excerpt of "The Names of Horses," a memoir story about the time my mother put my father's horse racing sheets on the clothesline...out over our Bronx backyard. I encourage you all to write up a clothesline piece and bring it.

Sunday April 13th
after 8:00 pm
CBGB Gallery, and The Bowery Poetry Club
details to come...this will be more of a performance recitation


7. Remembering Bob Carroll at New York Theater Workshop, March 17, 7:30 pm

Spawn On! Remembering Bob Carroll, New York Theater Workshop, 7:30 pm. 3/17

Bob Carroll was best known for his one man "stand up, fall-down, lie-down, song-and-dance comedy act" the Salmon Show, which a Los Angeles Times critic called "the single most effective piece of contemporary radical political theater I have seen." For his work in the same show, the New York Times' Mel Gussow called him "a born performer - an original - his own species." A denizen of lower Manhattan for many years, Bob left New York City in the mid-80s and returned to his native San Francisco, where he wrote and performed The Whole Show, a cosmic rant about suicide and the right-to-die-movement. He died of complications from AIDS in 1988. Fourteen years after Bob's death, we are presenting an evening about the work of this outrageous solo performer and radical theater artist. The presentation will include rare footage from a 1979 performance of the Salmon Show as well as excerpts from Benjamin Gruberg's 1981 film of Bob performing his "Greatest Hits" at the Dance Theater Workshop.

Looking forward to seeing you there,
Philip Arnoult, Center for International Theater Development
Jeanne Carstensen, Senior Arts and Culture Editor, SFGate.com (SF Chronicle)

Monday, March 17
7:30 pm
Spawn On! Remembering Bob Carroll
New York Theater Worshop
83 East Fourth Street, NYC
For reservations call Erin at (212) 780-9037.

A recent article about Bob ("Spawn On!: Bob Carroll and the Art of Dying") is available in PDF format at http://www.najp.org/publications/articles08/index.htm .


8. Inspector Collector, FF Alumn, seeks kids with collections for tv pilot filming April 27.

Hello! I'm excited to report that the pilot for my proposed television series for kids, SHOW YOUR STUFF with INSPECTOR COLLECTOR, will be filmed at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center on April 27th, from noon-3 pm. Details below. Thanks for your support!
Harley Spiller n/k/a Inspector Collector

Join Us For Junior Collectors Day at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center
Sunday April 27th 12:00 - 3:00PM

Collecting is a favorite pastime of many people and this very special event is dedicated to the young collectors of the world who very well may grow up to be the antique and museum experts of tomorrow.

With the help of Inspector Collector, the Museum will select 20 Junior Collectors to spend the day with us and share their unique collections and expertise with the public. Inspector Collector will be on hand to provide interesting insights into the children's various collections and to assist other young visitors with ideas for collecting everything from pencils to Pokémon. A video crew will also be on hand to film the Junior Collectors and visitors for use in a television pilot put together by Inspector Collector and D-Squared Media. All visitors are encouraged to bring photos or one piece from their collections to compare and share with Inspector Collector and the Junior Collectors.

Inspector Collector is a curator of his own collections that include spoons, neckties, autographs, marbles, teensy tiny things, shopping lists left in supermarkets, letter openers and much, much more. He has taught internationally from pre-school to graduate school, and worked in New York City museums and cultural organizations for over two decades. Inspector Collector's work has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, and National Public Radio. He has also appeared on television shows such as To Tell The Truth, The Learning Channel, CNN Headline News, and has even emceed the Maury Povich Show.

If you are interested in joining us for the day as a Junior Collector, please fill out an application today or call 203-322-1646, ext. 233 for more information. This event will be videotaped and Junior Collectors and some visitors will be required to sign release forms for the footage to be used for broadcast.

All are welcome at this fun-filled event, so tell your friends and family and we hope to see you on April 27th!

Junior Collectors Day Application

Name: _________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________
City: _______________________ State: ____ Zip: ___________
Phone #: ____________________
E-mail: _________________________________
Age: ________
Type of Collection: ________________________________________

How long have you been collecting:

What made you decide to start this collection:

What makes your collection special:

Parent's Name:
Parent's Signature:

The Stamford Museum and Nature Center will contact all those who are chosen to be our Junior Collectors for the day. Space is limited, so we are only able to invite a certain number of children to show their collections. However, all are invited to join us for this fun-filled day of collecting and we invite everyone to bring either photos or a small
piece of their collections to share with us and Inspector Collector. Please mail completed application to: Stamford Museum & Nature Center,
Attn: Lauren Ash, 39 Scofieldtown Road, Stamford, CT 06903
Or fax to 203-322-0408, Attn: Lauren Ash

This event will be videotaped and all Junior Collectors who are chosen to participate will be required to sign release forms for the footage to be used for broadcast.


9. Yoav Gal, FF Alumn, in Portal, a net.dance,

World of Awe: PORTAL
A net.dance
Work: http://www.turbulence.org/Works/yael
Interview: http://www.turbulence.org/interviews/portal.html
Yael Kanarek. New media artist
Evann Siebens, Dance filmmaker
Yoav Gal, Composer
Meeyoung Kim, Flash production
Sarah Rivkin, Vocals
Dawn Weisberg, Costume designer

Viewing requirements: Flash 6 and high bandwidth
Contact: portal@worldofawe.net

We are pleased to announce the launch of the World of Awe project PORTAL.

The interactive net.dance was commissioned by Turbulence.org with funding from the Jerome Foundation. PORTAL follows a traveler passing from the physical world to a virtual world called the Sunset/Sunrise in search for a lost treasure. The narrative is drawn from a travel log found in Chapter 2 of the Traveler's Journal. The work unfolds in 3 parts:

PART 1: 419 East 6th Street
The dynamic street dancefilm introduces the traveler in goggles and gear, surrounded by the activity of a New York City street. Trying to find a way beyond the gate, she uses dance as the key. A single shot breaks into twelve animations initiating original music created on an old Atari 800XL computer. Climb over the gate.

PART 2: In Between Worlds
What is the space in between worlds? The traveler is now nude, the "box" she's in is not really a box but a diagram of a box an idea. That box is inside the movie frame, inside the browser window, inside the screen, inside the computer, inside the room where the viewer sits, which is inside the house or building. Spaces nested within spaces, boxes nested within boxes and somewhere in this sequence there is a traveler and a viewer. Can they connect?

PART 3: In the Sunset/Sunrise
The traveler enters the Sunset/Sunrise's digital desert terrain. Like the music, her dance is manifested in loops, repetitions and multiplications. She studies her relationship to the environment through her movements how to be analog in the digital, gain and loose resolutions, and multiply oneself. The twelve minutes long polyphonic music composition uses the digitally manipulated voice of a single soprano to generate many voices, constructing a vocal portrait of the traveler, simultaneously as one and many. A sense of a lonely transcendence in a timeless terrain emerges as the voices reiterate the textual signature that is found at the end of each letter written by the traveler to the lover in the Traveler's Journal:
"Yours forever
Your sunset/sunrise forever yours
Yours forever yours."
The traveler departs in pursue of the lost treasure. Like the lover, the viewer is left behind somewhere in the Sunset/Sunrise.

URL: http://www.worldofawe.net
Conceived in 1995, World of Awe is an umbrella schema that generates multiple, essentially connected projects through a matrix of artistic practices primarily within the digital arts practices. World of Awe operates in the post media sense: The abstract idea materializes through a variety of projects. Each project within the mainframe redefines, reappropriates and reinforms the sibling projects. Over time visitors can become immersed in an environment that is growing synergistically. At the core of World of Awe is The Journal's an original narrative that uses the ancient genre of the traveler's tale to explore the connections between storytelling, travel, memory and technology. The narrative uses a personal journey as an exploration of the deserted places of memory and the imagination, drawing parallels between our mind and technology - be it through the lament over the absence of the lover or a comical declaration of loyalty to the floppy disk.

Yoav Gal is a composer who specializes in New Opera. A recent premiere of his opera "the Dwarf" was featured in the New York Times article from January 24, 2003: 'Never Say Die in Indie Opera.'


10. Nicolás Dumit Estévez performance is modified by NYC police

Notes on: "Love is Blind"
An intervention developed by Nicolás Dumit Estévez and modified by the New York City Police

On February 14 I left El Museo del Barrio blindfolded, unaware of what I would see at the end of a performance piece that I called "Love is Blind," which was part of "The Love a Commuter Project." This project consists of a series of site-specific performances and interventions that take place every year on Valentine's day in the New York City subway system. In 2003 the project was presented in conjunction with "The S Files" at El Museo del Barrio. Besides watching out for some icy spots on the sidewalk, my job during the performance was to locate pedestrians who would help me find the way to the subway station at 110th and Lexington Avenue in exchange for a white carnation. The plan was to save the remaining part of the bouquet to share with subway commuters. Along the way to the subway station a policewoman helped me cross under the tunnel below the train tracks on Park Avenue, and an older woman who spoke Spanish proffered a blessing "Dios te bendiga mi hijo," after making sure I was going to be ok. Someone who I perceived as a strong man grabbed me by the arm to help me walk from 108th to 109th Street, while a disgruntled pedestrian tried to confused me when I asked him for directions. "You're at 125th St.," he said, while my Samaritan told me that we were crossing 108th. Another man helped me make it all the way down the stairs of the subway station. I remember feeling his hand as he took mine and guided it to the cold metal railing. I then proceeded to use the white cane I was carrying to search for an empty spot near the token booth. I found one on the north side of the station. Two children initiated the first underground interaction as they detached several carnations from the bouquet. "Take another one for your mother," yelled a commuter, perhaps from the other side of the turnstile. "Don't touch them," said an adult to a child who insisted on having one of the carnations. What felt to me like a rushing commuter snapped up a flower without giving me time readjust the bouquet in my hand. Then there were the predictable quiet moments between the departure and arrival of the Number 6 train. All of the sudden, the hissing sound of police walkie-talkies invaded the space. That day the city was under Code Orange, raised from Yellow by the Department of Homeland Security. Sensing what might be happening, I took the blindfold off and walked above ground to find that three uniformed officers were questioning my colleague Manuel Acevedo, who was videotaping the project, as well as a friend who came to watch the piece. After several attempts to explain what we were doing, we were ushered into the back of a car and driven to the precinct, where I managed to make a quick phone call from my cell phone before one of the agents confiscated my phone and Manuel's video camera. We were not permitted to contact anyone else. At the precinct I glanced at a booklet on fighting terrorism and the snapshots of several individuals who were wanted by the Law. We had plenty of time to kill as the agents busied themselves swiping our ID cards and figuring out what was recorded on the video camera they could not manage to operate. About 40 minutes later, an officer came to us and asked us to show him the video. He later return with our IDs, shook our hands and apologized. We could go. I remember shaking his hand while holding the bouquet in my other hand, when suddenly the friend who came to watch the piece took the flowers and tossed them into the trash, perhaps trying to rid himself of the memories of the incident. I rushed to retrieve them. The carnations still looked fresh, ready for other commuters to pluck them from the foam that held them in place. Instead, they ended up in a glass vase at home, as a reminder of how current law enforcement in the name of "safety" has reconfigured the use of the spaces we share in the city, not to mention the interactions we forge with one another in these so-called public places.

Nicolás Dumit Estévez
February 21, 2003, New York City


11. Jim Costanzo's Holland Tunnel billboard through March 23rd, March 7 reception.

White Boards Sponsored By White Box A Billboard In New Jersey Near The Holland Tunnel To Be Exhibited By Artist Jim Costanzo through March 23, 2003

Jersey City, NJ - Artist Jim Costanzo will unveil a billboard mounted outside the Holland Tunnel from February 24 through March 23, 2003, in conjunction with White Box, the Chelsea-based gallery. The 10 x 22 foot work, FREEDOM uses images that have been photographed from television footage of the war in Afghanistan.

The billboard's text is designed to be seen at a distance with the meaning shifting as the viewer draws closer to the billboard. The viewer first encounters the word FREEDOM and upon approaching the billboard, additional text becomes visible:
1 Iraqi = 1 American = 1 Afghan
1 Israeli = 1 Palestinian
1 Muslim = 1 Christian = 1 Jew
1 World = 1 People

"The billboard is an attempt to engage the public in a discussion about human rights and the basic principles upon which this country was founded," notes Costanzo. "Historically the U.S. has been divided over who is entitled to 'unalienable rights.' Because of the government's response to recent events both at home and abroad, it seems clear that those who hold true to the best of this country's original ideals must be heard."

FREEDOM is the first in a series of three billboards to be created by Costanzo, who envisions additional billboards entitled PEACE and JUSTICE placed throughout the metropolitan area and nationally.

Jim Costanzo is a New York-based artist who has shown his work in the U.S. and in Europe. He is a founding member of REPOhistory, an artist collective that makes site-specific public artwork based on issues of race, gender, class and sexuality. Last fall Costanzo created a multimedia installation titled datamap_2001.2 that dealt with the social and political climate of the last two years and was shown at the Annex, New York, which is affiliated with White Box. He teaches at Pratt Institute, Parsons School of Design and the International Center of Photography.

The billboard is located on Rt. # 1 & 9 facing outbound traffic approximately 1.5 miles from the Holland Tunnel.

Reception with the artist with the Artist Friday March 7, 2003, 6-8 pm at The Annex, 601 West 26th Street, 14th Floor.

Press Contact:
Nicole Straus
Nicole Straus Public Relations
718/369-7185 (fax)

WHITE BOX 525 West 25 Street, New York, NY 10001 212.714.2347 www.whiteboxny.org


12. Susanna Cook, FF Alumn, presents Dykenstein, March 28-April 19 at WOW.

Sex Horror and The Tragedy of the Straight Brain
Written and directed by Susana Cook

FINALLY, a version of the Frankenstein classic everyone can enjoy. The scariest Frankenstein ever! A Frankenstein so scary, it could only be one thing - Susana Cook's masterful creation - Dykenstein! The clouds raced across the sky, the wind howled, the shutters banged -- it was a queer evening.... when Dr. Dykenstein (after years of questioning, confusion, exploration, and shameful hiding out in the laboratory) finally, triumphantly creates the perfect dyke, but tragedy strikes when her ambiguously gendered assistant goes out for an extended smoke break, the creature is left alone and something goes horribly wrong. Undone by the turn of events, Dr. Dykenstein must make decisions that could forever change the face of science and the Lesbian Nation. What's the good dyke doctor to do? (click here: http://www.susanacook.com/flyer3.htm)

Featuring: Susana Cook, Felice Shays, Mistah, Stacey Whitmire, Chalee Snorton, Melissa Shimkovitz, Mariama Nance, Fanya,Kimbley Gilchrist and Johnny Kat. Original score: Julian Mesri Cook

DYKENSTEIN will be presented at WOW Cafe March 28th through April 19th Fridays and Saturdays at 10pm
Tickets: $9 Lesbians, Trans, students: $7
WOW Cafe. 59 East 4th street (Between Bowery and Second Avenue)
Subways: F to 2nd or 6 to Astor Place phone: 212-777-4280
Reservations: 212-631-3609 www.susanacook.com

Susana Cook
Born in Argentina, Susana Cook is a New York based performance artist who has been writing and producing original work for over 14 years. Some of her most recent shows are Hamletango, Prince of Butches, Gross National Product, Hot Tamale, Conga Guerrilla Forest, The Fraud, Butch Fashion Show in the Femme Auto Body Shop, Rats:The Fantasy of Extermination . She performed and taught workshops at The Kitchen, Dixon Place, WOW Café, Columbia University, Oberlin College, Yale University and at The Bronx Museum of The Arts.

website: http://susanacook.com
email: susana.cook@mindspring.com


13. Nora York, FF Alumn, sings at Joe's Pub, Thursday March 13 at 7:30 pm

Nora York sings POWER/PLAY at Joe's Pub... The Public Theater.
doors open at 6 !
Showtime 7:30 !!

Tickets $15
Available at Box Office 212. 539. 8778
or call Telecharge 212.239.6200

Nora York, who The New Yorker calls an "ingenious. radical. extravagant talent." trains her keen sites on war, power and the lack of it. POWER / PLAY considers the many often opposing and disparate cultural currents which are moving through America, and the various ways we relate to power, threat and social liberty. POWER / PLAY is structured around the seminal Bob Dylan tune Master¹s of War together with York's original compositions and conflations of 1960¹s set pieces. POWER/PLAY is a multi layered cacophony of musical recollection which focuses our emerging attention toward a rapidly growing dialectic between then and now. POWER/PLAY is made possible by a grant from the New York State Council of the Arts.

Steve Tarshis -- guitar, Peter Grant-- drums, Dave Hofstra -- bass, Sheryll Marshall -- voice and Claire Daly -- Baritone Sax, Blaise Dupuy and Ethan Ryman -- beats and samples

"In the dark times will there still be singing?
Yes there will be singing,
there will be singing about dark times."
Bertolt Brecht

ALSO: Look for Nora York at the WALL TO WALL / JONI MITCHELL MARCH 22 2003 Symphony Space New York city.
Nora York Music


14. Joni Mabe, FF Alumn, at Mercury Art Works, Athens GA, thru March 31, 2003

Mercury Art Works Presents:
Artists of the Georgia Review

George Davidson
Karekin Goekjian
James Herbert
Bruce Knecht
Joni Mabe
Ian McFarlane
Margaret Morrison
Dennis O'Kain
Mary Porter
Terry Rowlett
Cristina Vergand

Opening Reception Friday March 7th, 7 - 9 pm Show runs through March 31, 2003.
Mercury Art Works
225 W. Clayton St.
Athens, Georgia 30601


15. Elly Clarke, FF Intern-Alumn, presents online photo project.

Just to let you know that the Broadway House Photo Project will be available to see online from Thursday 6th March, at OpenDemocracy.net - http://www.openDemocracy.net.

Kind regards,


16. Shirin Neshat, FF Alumn, presents Rapture, Spanga, Sweden, thru April 20, 2003

Tensta Konsthall presents Shirin neshat, Rapture, thru April 20, 2003
Tuesday-Sunday, 12-5 pm
Wednesday, 12-7 pm
Taxingegrand 10
SE 163 04 Spanga


17. Ligorano/Reese, FF Alumns, present In Memory of Truth, Opening March 8, 2003

Eyewash @ MonkGallery, 301 Bedford Avenue (at S. 1st Street) Brooklyn, presents Ligorano/Reese IN MEMORY OF RUTH, March 8-April 7, 2003, opening Msaturday March 8, 6-9 pm.
Saturday and Sundays, 1-6 pm or by appointment.
718=387-2714 or 718-782-2458
www.eyewash.cc or www.monkgallery.com


18. Deborah Garwood, FF Alumn, at Hartsook Gallery thru March 29, 2003

I would like to invite you to a group exhibition entitled "Vessels". My contribution is a pinhole image of a perfume bottle, a gelatin silver photograph.

"Vessels: fragments from the lexicon"
Curated by Joe Fyfe
Exhibition Dates: Feb. 27 - Mar. 29, 2003
Jane Hartsook Gallery (2nd floor of Greenwich House Pottery, green sign visible from street) 16 Jones St. (betw. W. 4th & Bleecker)
New York, NY 10014 - 4132
Gallery hours: Tues - Fri, 2:30 - 6:30pm
Sat, 11 am - 5 pm
or by appointment: Liz Zawada, Director, tel. 212.242.4106
Hope you enjoy the show
Best Regards
Deborah Garwood


19. Sonya Rapoport, FF Alumn, in Paris, France, March 23-24

Sonya Rapoport, FF Alum, will present a paper at the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Workshop in Paris, March 23-24. The theme of the Workshop is Encoding Altruism: The Art and Science of Interstellar Messaging Her presentation describes an adaptation of her artwork-in-progress, entitled: Kabbalah/ Kabul: Sending Emanations to the Aliens. It is a consideration as to how we can encode information into a form that could be transmitted across interstellar space by radio or laser signals..

Rapoport suggests that the basis for communicating altruistic emanations to extraterrestrials come from the mystical doctrine of Kabbalah, a system of communication by the use of numbers, letters, and words. She defines altruism as emanations derived from the Tree of Life, the main icon of Kabbalah in which ten creative forces intervene between the infinite and our created world. Her use of hybrid imagery combines primal humanity perceived in Afghan news photos, with scientific procedures that provide the technology for creating altruistic DNA.

The work endeavors to integrate the infinite outer universe with the altruistic universe that resides within us on earth.


20. Javier Tellez, FF Alumn, resigns as Venezuela's rep at Venice Biennal.

I write this letter to communicate my resignation to the official invitation to represent Venezuela in the national pavilion of the 50th Venice Biennial. This decision is a fundamentally ethical one and I have taken it as a Venezuelan and as an artist responsible and aware of our reality.

It is true that my proposal "La Colmena" was presented last year to the committee that would designate de Venezuelan representation in the Biennial. But, since then, the critical situation of the country has dramatically accelerated, urging us a gesture that can represent something more than the artwork itself now: the absence-presence as the only answer.

Having been presented in several international exhibitions of this nature (including the last Venice Biennial) I know through my own experience the importance that is put upon any artistic career by being included in these events. But I consider that my main duty is to foreground my ethical responsibility over any personal interest. "I must forget myself to have access to the other" was for the philosopher Emmanuel Levinas one of the best definitions of an ethical conduct, creating a paradigmatic concept for all artists or cultural producers. This model of commitment can describe the foundations of an ethic based on respect of difference and the intention to incorporate "the other" within artistic discourse. This position was the one that led me, in its moment, to take the decision to participate in Venice Biennale with a work produced in collaboration with the communities of the "23 de Enero"* and it is the same one that led me to resign today from the Venezuelan representation.

To participate in the official selection in this situation, under the patronage of the state, would be in some way a betrayal of the principles on which I have built my body of work for over a decade, principles that have always placed me side by side with the excluded ones of our society, those "invisible" subjects within the social fabric: the mentally ill confined in psychiatric hospitals, prisoners or the populations of shanty towns. I have never believed in the autonomy of the work of art over the social context and believe that the Venezuelan pavilion today embodies a toxic environment that would inevitably contaminate the reading of any work of art that deals with social inequality. Especially in moments in which the manipulation of information, violence, populism, intolerance, and nationalisms constitute the political discourses shared by the state and the "official" opposition. The terrible polarization that literally has divided the country in two makes it impossible to articulate a critical position that can operate "in-between" these irreconcilable dichotomies.

As intellectuals we must maintain a critical position in relation to any authoritative and anti-democratic discourse come where it may, because these positions cover up the corruption and struggle for power that are choking the country. The cultural sector reflects this crisis in a specific way. This is another reason that makes it unthinkable for me to be part of an enterprise that without a doubt will generate a considerable cost to the nation in a moment when museums and theatres lack electrical services, to cite only one example that illustrates the pathetic situation that our institutions are going through.

When the vise-minister of culture suggests to the museums that they reduce their electrical consumption, I can't help reading this in a very symbolic way and recalling ironically Simon Bolivar's motto that supposedly is the motor of the "cultural revolution".(''Morals and Enlightenment are our first needs'') Without Morals and Light it is impossible to imagine cultural endeavors.

Do you sleep well Mr. Vise-Minister?
Javier Tellez


21. Kathy Westwater, FF Alumn, at Brooklyn Museum of Art, March 16th, 4 pm

Brooklyn Museum Of Art presents
Dark Matter, Part 3: Bedrock
by Choreographer Kathy Westwater
Sunday, March 16, 2003 at 4pm
Free with museum admission
200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn
call 718.638.5000 for directions

On Sunday, March 16 at 4pm the Brooklyn Museum will present Choreographer Kathy Westwater's latest installment in the serial, abstract melodrama "Dark Matter". With the duet Dark Matter, Part 3: Bedrock the psycho-evolutionary tale continues delving deeper still into the forces that move the characters, particularly Io and Europa.

Last November, Part 1: Frontier & Part 2: Dynasty premiered to sold out houses during the inaugural season of the new Dance Theater Workshop. Tobi Tobias of The Village Voice said that Dark Matter, Part 1: Frontier & Part 2: Dynasty evokes primordial life with intimations of the highly evolved organisms that would emerge from it. Westwater reminds us that we are irrevocably connected, not merely biologically but also psychologically, to that original ooze and the blunt impulses that lay within it.

Westwater performs "Part 3: Bedrock" with Dancer Abby Block to a live electronic score by Composer Peter Kirn. This is a shared program with Choreographers Yanira Castro, Jeanine Durning, Kate Fisher, Juliette Mapp, and Mariah Maloney.


22. Koosil-ja Hwang, FF Alumn, at Tonic, March 12, 8 pm

ergonomix presents

DJ [s]piro[s]
Koosil-ja (Bully Records)
qpe (theAgriculture)
Lloop (we, theAgriculture, share)
UVRAY (drum) w/ Designer Imposter (bass, new party records)
Date: Wednesday, March 12, 2003
Hours: 8PM-12AM
Place: Tonic Norfolk Street between Rivington and Delancy Street
Cost: $12

"ergonomix" curated by koosil-ja hwang, is the beginning of a semi-regular event featuring artists from new york city's rich electronic music and dj underground. tonic, known to many as *the* spot for experimental jazz, will host a evening of diverse artists in search of that perfect beat. No particular style or sub-genre dominates. the powerbook computer driven hip hop instrumentals of qpe and lloop both contrasts with and complements the vocal centered electronica of koosil-ja. UVRAY and Designer Imposter search for that elusive perfect beat from a more analog approach combining 'real' instruments, drums and bass, with samplers. dj [s]piro[s] starts the whole thing off on the turntables with a meditative set."


23. Roberta Allen, FF Alumn, reads at Art in General, March 12 at 7PM

Art In General's Reading Series, Prose In General, Presents Roberta Allen, Peter Cameron, and Raphael Rubinstein on March 12 at 7PM, 79 Walker St. betw. B'way & Lafayette. Take the J, M, N, Q, R, W, or 6 train to Canal St.$5 suggested donation


24. Christa Maiwald, FF Alumn, at Florence Lynch Gallery, opening March 8, 6-9 pm

Christa Maiwald
Adolescents: Photographs & Embroideries
March 8 - April 12, 2003
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 8, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.
We think about the opposite sex 90% of the time. The other 10%, we're sleeping. --Kate, age 15

Florence Lynch Gallery will present Christa Maiwald's Adolescents:Photographs and Embroideries from Saturday, March 8, through Saturday, April 12, at the gallery's new Chelsea location, 531-539 West 25th Street. An opening reception will take place March 8 from 6 to 9 p.m.

For the past three years, Maiwald has been photographing adolescents and creating embroidered portraits of them, first on small linen handkerchiefs, then on larger pieces of cotton, and most recently on pillows. The exhibition will include three large pillow installations and a selection of digital photographs.

The pillows in "Cotton Candy" and "Constellation" express adolescent mood swings. The hot pink pillows and cone-like configuration of "Cotton Candy" convey the manic joy and exuberance of adolescence, whose elation can dissolve as quickly as the spun sugar carnival treat. "Constellation" reflects the sadness, introversion and frustration of adolescence with its black pillows and stark, tortured expressions. The ribbons of conversation that connect the pillows, taken from online instant messages, represent the obsession with staying connected by phone, e-mail and instant messaging. "Yearbook" is an arrangement of sixteen pillows that resembles a page from a high school yearbook.

Maiwald's photographs, many of which have been digitally enhanced, capture the innocence, playfulness and sheer beauty of youth, even as her subjects ' clothing, attitudes and poses reflect a growing confidence in and a flaunting of their sexuality.

Gallery hour are Tuesday Through Saturday, 1:00 to 6:00 p.m.. Foradditional information, please contact Florence Lynch or Charles Haywood at 212-924-3290.


25. Richard Schechner, FF Alumn, at La MaMa E.T.C., March 20-April 6th.

FF Alumn Richard Schechner and East Coast Artists reinvent the myth of Yokasta with "YokastaS". At four different ages, from four different perspectives, the mother-wife of Oedipus divulges the events of her lives.
March 20th to April 6th
La MaMa E.T.C. (First Floor Theater), 74A East Fourth Street
(presented by La MaMa E.T.C.)
Thurs-Sat at 7:30 pm, Sun at 2:30 pm and 7:30 pm, $15/tdf
Box office (212) 475-7710; on-line ticketing
available http://www.lamama.org


26. Donna Henes, FF Alumn, celebrates Women's Day, March 8th, 7:30 pm

Mighty Women As Midwives For Change
With Donna Henes, Urban Shaman In Conjunction With Global Gather The Women Celebrations
Saturday March 8 7:30pm
Let Us Gather Together On International Women's Day To Empower And Empassion Ourselves As Sovereign Leaders Of World Change. Let Us Drum Up Our Amazon Energy, Roll Up Our Sleeves And Get Out There To Do What Needs To Be Done For Peace, Justice And The Environment. Women Rule!
Advance Reservations Required.
For Info And Reservations Please Contact: (718) 857-2247
Note: Reservations Close 24 Hours Prior To Each Event

For further information, a list of services and publications, a calendar of upcoming events and a complimentary issue of Always in Season: Living in Sync with the Cycles. contact:

Mama Donna's Tea Garden And Healing Haven
PO Box 380403
Exotic Brooklyn, NY 11238-0403
Phone/Fax 718-857-2247
Email: CityShaman@aol.com


27. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, March 9th at Fez, New York City

Sunday March 9th Penny Arcade at Fez 380 Lafayette St $15. 212-462-9077
Penny's 65 minute solo show with tremendous live mixed sound score by long time collaborator Steve Zehentner. Come see what Penny is preparing for her Royal Festival Hall debut April 16th. Wednesday March 5th 8pm


28. Jessica Crombie, FF Intern-Alumn, presents p(ART)ies, March 22nd

You Are Invited To The Second "p(ART)ies" Art Event This March 22nd From 8pm - 4am
At 25 West 56th Street, 2nd Fl, To See An Extravaganza Of Dance, Music, Photography,
Installation, Sculpture, Video, Painting And Theatre.

Admission $10 With A Paying Bar
Looking Forward To Seeing You All There!


29. J. Mandle, FF Alumn, through April 6th at the Stable Building, Brooklyn.

FEAST: a hybrid performance-architectural installation exploring the origin of desire through plato¹s symposium by j mandle performance presented with danspace project¹s out of space series

dates/time: 6 march - 6 april 2003
thursday & friday: 7 - 10 pm
saturday & sunday: 4 - 7 pm

note: show consists of three 30-minute scenes and variations
reservations will be taken only for
Thurs & Fri @ 7:00p, 8:30p
Sat & Sun @ 4:00p, 5:30p
public entrance every half-hour (limited space) audience opportunity to have refreshments in 2nd floor lounge and re-enter event at own will

admission: $10 thurs ($8 student/senior) $15 fri-sun ($13 student/senior)
reservations/info: 718.246.7440 / www.jmandleperformance.org
location: the stable building
16 main st @ water st, d.u.m.b.o. brooklyn

A/C high st - north on cadman, left on washington, left on front, right on main
F york st - north on jay, left on front, right on main 2/3 clark st - north on henry, left on old fulton, right on front, left on main

julia mandle-de bever director/designer
beppie blankert choreographer
paul geluso composer
aaron copp lighting designer
joelle arnusch, johan greben, tori sparks, and
layard thompson performers

The creation of feast is made possible, in part, with funds from the Danspace Project¹s 2002-2003 Commissioning Initiative with support from the NYC Dept of Cultural Affairs Challenge Grant Program. Additional support provided by the Jerome Foundation, The Greenwall Foundation, The Harkness Foundation for Dance, James E. Robison Foundation, The Brooklyn Arts Council, Meet the Composer, F.J. Sciame Construction Inc, Two Trees Management, Consulate General of The Netherlands in New York, and BMW Group.
J Mandle Performance
230 Third Street #D0A
Brooklyn, Ny 11215
T+F: 718 246 7440


30. Rob Andrews, FF Intern-Alumn, performs at Exit Art, beginning March 8, 7 pm

Rob Andrews, FF intern alumn, performs at Exit Art, beginning Saturday March 8th from 7-10 pm,. Exit Art's new location is on the corner of 36th st. and 10th avenue, Manhattan.


31. Dahn Hiuni, FF Alumn, new work, March 19th, 8 pm, at Penn State.

New York City - On Wednesday, March 19, 2003 at 8:00 PM, New York City performance artist Dahn Hiuni will premiere his new solo performance piece in Zoller Gallery, on the Penn State University campus. Murmurs and Incantations tells the story of an artist who summons the spirit of his great-grandfather, a rabbi in nazi-occupied Poland. The two men become embroiled in a candid and contentious conversation about art, God, exile, and love. The performance represents the studio component of a ground-breaking, interdisciplinary doctoral dissertation, chaired by Charles Garoian, Director, School of Visual Arts, Penn State University. The performance is free to the public.

After earning a Master of Fine Arts degree (summa cum laude) in performance art from Penn State University in 1996, Dahn Hiuni returned to Penn State three years later to pursue a doctorate in art education. Educated in Israel, England and Canada-both in the visual and performing arts-Dahn has presented solo performances at such venerable New York venues as P.S. 122, Franklin Furnace, Exit Art, Thread Waxing Space and Artists Space. His work has also been presented at the Cleveland Performance Art Festival, the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art and the Lancaster Museum of Art, and is part of the permanent collections of the Walker Art Center and Franklin Furnace Archives. Dahn has brought innovative and award-winning teaching to such institutions as The Museum of Modern Art, the 92nd Street Y, and the National Theater School of Canada, and has presented many scholarly papers at numerous universities and professional conferences across the country. Dahn is currently Assistant Professor of Art Education at Kutztown University. He lives in New York City.

Bookings are available. Contact Dahn Hiuni, 212.724.1859 / DahnHiuni@aol.com
New York premiere, fall 2003.



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