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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
February 19, 2003

1. Franklin Furnace announces OPEN CALL TO ARTISTS, deadline April 1, 2003
2. Sandra McLean, Russet Lederman, FF Alumn, X-FEST curators, invite all to X/FEST at Remote Lounge, NYC, Feb 22, March 1 & 8."
3. Chris "Daze" Ellis, FF Alumn, announces new website: dazeworld.com
4. Alison Knowles, FF Alumn, receives CAA Lifetime Achievement award.
5. Phillip Warnell, FF Alumn, exhibitions, performances and publication, Spring 2003
6. Veronica Vera, FF Alum, presents high heel class for women only.
7. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, Sundays at Fez, Feb. 23rd - Mar. 16th 8pm
8. 12th Annual Matrilineage Symposium, Syracuse University, February, 2003
9. Alvin Eng, FF Alumn, published in PAJ Journal of Performance and Art.
10. Tim Miller, FF Alumn, in Iowa and Ohio, February, 2003
11. Aaron Landsman, FF Alumn, at Halcyon, Brooklyn, Feburary 20th, 7:30 pm.
12. Koosil-ja Hwang, FF Alumn, at Low bar below Rice, Brooklyn, Feb. 22, 2003
13. Elly Clarke, FF Intern-alumn, curates photo project, London, opening March 5, 2003
14. Martha Rosler, FF Alumn, in Feminist Art discussion at Columbia U., Feb. 24th.
15. Moriah Carlson, Alice Wu, FF Alumn, at CAA, Feb 22, 2:30 pm
16. Joseph Nechvatal, Martha Rosler, FF Alumns, at Illinois State University Galleries.
17. Gigi Otalvaro-Hormillosa, FF Alumn, in SF, Feb. 28 and March 1, 8 pm
18. Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga, FF Alumn, at Qville launch, Feb. 22, Queens
19. Dyke Action Machine, FF Alumns, at Feldman Fine Arts, opening Feb. 22
20. Geoff Hendricks, Yoko Ono, Carolee Schneemann, FF Alumns, at Amherst College

1. Franklin Furnace announces OPEN CALL TO ARTISTS, deadline April 1, 2003

DEADLINE: April 1st, 2003 (postmark date)

Supported by Jerome Foundation and the New York State Council on the Arts, Franklin Furnace awards grants between $2,000 and $5,000 to performance artists, allowing them to produce major works anywhere in the State of New York. Artists from all areas of the world are invited to apply.

Franklin Furnace offers artists an honorarium (this year of $5,000) and a residency facilitated by Franklin Furnace, for a 2-4 month duration at a physical or online venue appropriate to your proposed work. For THE FUTURE OF THE PRESENT 2003, we hope to continue to expand the technology available to our artists through Parsons and beyond. The residencies may take place in the Spring or Fall of 2003. Artists who are interested in developing new artwork for the Internet are encouraged to apply.

See http://www.franklinfurnace.org/moneywork.html on HOW TO APPLY.


2. Sandra McLean, Russet Lederman, FF Alumn, X-FEST curators, invite all to X/FEST at Remote Lounge, NYC, Feb 22, March 1 & 8.

ICON at REMOTE presents X|FEST 2003

Three Saturdays of Experimental Video, Animation and Sound at New York City's REMOTE Lounge

Each night will feature selected screenings, based on a particular theme, from 6PM
to 9PM followed by performances by artists mixing video live. All events take place
at REMOTE Lounge, located at 327 Bowery between 2nd and 3rd Sts
X|AniMate: February 22nd
X|ProCess: March 1st
X|IteRate: March 8th
February 22nd, 2003
6PM-9PM Animation Screenings
9PM-3AM Showcase of VJ Artists and DJs
The X|Animate event will present animations by 20 artists that go beyond the traditional: works that are experimental, in which artists have explored and pushed the medium into new areas of meaning both visual and conceptual. All types of animation will be shown from hand-drawn to programmatic to 3d Rendered.

March 1st, 2003
6PM-9PM Video Screenings
9PM-3AM Showcase of VJ Artists and DJs
X|ProCess presents works by video artists that have been highly processed using programming, manipulation of film, and/or digital software effects programs. X|ProCess also showcases works that have been highly (or possibly obsessively) edited.

March 8th, 2003
6PM-9PM Animation Screenings
9PM-3AM Showcase of VJ Artists and DJs
X|IteRate will showcase works that use loops, repetitive imagery and sounds. In these works repetition, permutation, and variation are used to explore and reveal relations between context and content.

admission: $7.00


3. Chris "Daze" Ellis, FF Alumn, announces new website: dazeworld.com

Franklin Furnace alumni Chris "Daze" Ellis is proud to announce the completion of his new website : dazeworld.com. The site encompasses a selected overview of 20 years of this New York artists' work included murals, paintings, commissioned murals, and various projects done all over the world. The site is available for viewing immediately.


4. Alison Knowles, FF Alumn, receives CAA Lifetime Achievement award.

Last week the College Art Association announced that Alison Knowles will receive the Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement.


The award will be presented February 19th at the CAA Convocation in NYC (see above link for details). Both Alison and Kathy O'Dell will jointly accept the award at Alison's request. Please make it if you can!


5. Phillip Warnell, FF Alumn, exhibitions, performances and publication, Spring 2003

exhibitions/performances & publication

'Zero Visibility'
A multi-venue exhibition and festival of Electronic and Multi-Media Arts Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia. February 20th - March 15th
Video installation work by Phillip Warnell, William Kentridge, Studio Azzurro, Bruce Nauman, Gary Hill, Nika Span. Conference: Friday February 21st. With Valentina Valentini, Emil Hrvatin, Ric Allsopp, Marina Grzinic, Igor Spanjol, Phillip Warnell.

Saturday 22nd February, 8pm
Performance by Phillip Warnell at Kapelika Gallery
Friday 14th March - April 13th, 2003
'Zero Visibility'
Colonna Castle, Genazzano, Rome, Italy.
Works by Peter Campus, Gary Hill, Francisco Ruiz de Infante, Studio Azzurro, Bill Viola, Phillip Warnell

Shock: A future physical multi-component commission by Phillip Warnell 'Shock' addresses the notion of shock and trauma as a physiological response in relation to the body. It explores the state of transformation in each individually filmed participant during the course of a one second, high-speed video sequence, facilitating an elongated and enhanced view of the unfolding, fleeting event.

'Shock/One Second' is the flipbook component of the piece. It consists of two flipbooks, each with 49 images, and a text. In each book a digitally composited couple can be seen during their shared, startled exposure time. A commissioned essay by Ric Allsopp, 'Shock tactics', further deliberates on the nature of shock in relation to both Phillip Warnell's practice and the broader context of the 'transcultural space' that opens within the instance of change.

Video work in progress, 'Shock/49ers' and Shock/One Second' flipbooks can all be seen between February 7th - March 29th, firstsite at The Minories, Colchester UK.

flipbooks: Now available through firstsite, colchester, UK.
or: www.firstsite.uk.net

Phillip Warnell & Ric Allsopp will be presenting at the 'Responses' conference organised by future physical at The Junction, Cambridge, UK in April 2003. (see www.futurephysical.org for further details).


6. Veronica Vera, FF Alum, presents high heel class for women only.

Miss Vera's cross-dressing academy offers courses in femininity to women. For the first time in its 10-year history, Miss Vera's Finishing School for

Boys who Want to be Girls is offering women the opportunity to learn how to maximize their own femininity. "After teaching thousands of men how to walk, talk, and dress like women, we decided to bring the lesson home to our sisters," says Veronica Vera, founder of the school. "Women have been clamoring for our classes for a decade. It's only fair that we let them in on the fun." The curriculum will start with the basics: how to navigate the urban jungle in high heels. Future lessons in makeup, flirting, and etiquette are planned.

The first class, "Amazing Grace: how to walk, sit, stand, and pose in high heels," is scheduled for Wednesday, February 26, from 7--9 p.m. All women are welcome.
Tuition is $35. Advance registration required. Enrollment limited. To register: 212-989-0906 or e-mail register@missvera.com. Location: Nola Studio, 250 W.54th Street (b/t 8th Ave and Broadway), Studio 11B

Media contact:
Eva Pendleton


7. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, Sundays at Fez, Feb. 23rd - Mar. 16th 8pm

Penny Arcade aided by longtime collaborator Steve Zehentner prepares for her command performance at London's prestigious Royal Festival Hall..Think of it as "Judy Garland -at -the London-Palladium- circa-1965" To prepare for London's April 16th show..Penny and Steve are doing 4 sundays at FEZ at 8pm begining Feb 23rd through March 16th ( FEZ is located below Time Cafe at 380 Lafayette St $15. reservations 212-462-9077)

Come see Penny do an extraordinary 65 minute show with a brilliant live mixed score by Steve Zehentner in a jewel box nightclub. Glamour ! Glamour ! Glamour !


8. 12th Annual Matrilineage Symposium, Syracuse University, February, 2003

Photographer and Performance Artist Vivian Babuts will be presenting several works including a new performance art piece, "Stress Manifest", as well as giving a talk and showing of her photographs which document underground women performance artists. Friday, February 28, 2003 6pm Watson Theater (next to Light Work) in Menschel Media Center/Watson Hall, 316 Waverly Ave (between Walnut Ave and Comstock), on Syracuse University Campus

FREE. This event is part of this year's 12th annual Matrilineage Symposium, a two week symposium organized by the Committee on Women and Art which brings everging female artists, writers, performers, and accomplished feminists to the Syracuse University Campus.

Vivian Babuts is a fine art and documentary photographer, and performance artist. Since 1995 she has been photographing radical and contemporary women performance artists, and has been performing in public spaces and various downtown New York City venues including Dixon Place, WOW Cafe Theater, and LaMama Theater-annex, among others. She is a 2002 Light Work Grant recipient, and photographs from her ongoing series, "Women Perform", were recently exhibited at Light Work Gallery in Syracuse. Last July she presented solo performance work at this year's HOT! Festival: NYC Celebration of Queer Culture at Dixon Place. Also last summer, at Spark Art Space in Syracuse, she created, produced, curated, and performed in The Trans'cendental Wimmin's Culture Clash, a group show featuring "experimental performance art by and for women and transgender folk." Her work, often disregarding distinctions between fantasy and reality, struggles and plays with feelings of powerlessness, rage, as well as determination and empowerment in a context where gender is not taken for granted. "I bring forth these personal selves/beings - the "other". In a space where nature and artifice meet, there exists this "mysterious" being(s) representing the abnormal, gender variant, sexual deviant, ...exotic, who in the minds of the horrified, gaping, drooling spectator is perhaps not even fully human. Fear turns to disgust (or the other way around) but there's no denying that not only are we so attracted to her/him/it - we want to know more - especially if it has little to do with reality. This love and disgust, these paradoxes are of interest in my work. I explore, with humor, melodrama, and direct realness at once, the powerful role of the "other" in our world - and in ourselves _ and our very ambivalent feelings toward her. And her often desperate, urgent attempts - at all costs, for survival and a voice." She has a BFA from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


9. Alvin Eng, FF Alumn, published in PAJ Journal of Performance and Art.

Excerpts from Alvin Eng, FF Alumn's, memoir/monologue, "The Flushing Cycle," have been published in the current issue (# 73) of PAJ, A Journal of Performance and Art- a quarterly publication from MIT Press!
For more info: journals-orders@mit.edu


10. Tim Miller, FF Alumn, in Iowa and Ohio, February, 2003

Tim Miller At Cincinnati Playhose-Grinnell Col Residency & Kenyon College
Hi All,
Midwest mania for moi! Everything is coming up Iowa and Ohio! I'll be doing a weeklong residency at Grinnell College Feb 17-23 with a performance of GLORY BOX Friday Feb 21. Will make a piece during the week with the students that will be performed Feb 22. Will pop over to University of Iowa Febraury 19 to do a performance & lecture at 1PM.

I will also perform BODY BLOWS at Cincinnati Playhouse February 24 Tickets for Cincinnati Playhouse are $10 each, with a special $6 price for students. They are on sale now by calling the Playhouse box office at 513/421-3888 or toll-free in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, 800/582-3208. Parking is free. Doors for Cincy Playhouse open at 6:30 p.m., with the performance beginning around 7 p.m.

Finally a show at Kenyon College February 25 at 8PM at the Bolton Theater at Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio Box Office: 740 427 5546. Performance is free and open to the public There's a nice big interview in the current statewide Ohio Gay People's Chronicle about my shows at Cincy Playhouse and Kenyon. Here's the link...
seeya soon! Tim



11. Aaron Landsman, FF Alumn, at Halcyon, Brooklyn, Feburary 20th, 7:30 pm.

Come get warm with a good story.

This Thursday, February 20, at 7:30 PM, I'm going to be part of a really nice night of storytelling at Halcyon in Brooklyn. It'd be great to see you there. I will be doing some old outtakes, some new intakes, maybe some material from the show I'm working on. In either case, I am in esteemed company: Mike Daisey, author/performer of the off-broadway solo extravaganza 21 DOG YEARS; and Jen Banbury, raconteuse extraordinaire, and author of LIKE A HOLE IN THE HEAD. It's FREE and there are nice couches. Here's how to get there:
227 Smith St. (between Butler and Douglass Sts.)
Brooklyn, NY
p: 718 260-WAXY
w: wwwhalcyonline.com
e: info@halcyonline.com or wordsmiths@worldnet.att.net for information or submissions.
MAP to halcyon
Take the F or G train to Bergen St.
Walk four blocks vs. traffic to #227.
Aaron Landsman
"To record the darkness faithfully."
- from the Sony VX2000 video camera owners manual.


12. Koosil-ja Hwang, FF Alumn, at Low bar below Rice, Brooklyn, Feb. 22, 2003

@ Low bar below Rice DUMBO
February 22, 2003
koosil-ja (Bully Records)
qpe (Agriculture)
Lloop (we, Agriculture, share)
Time: 10pm-2am (or later)
Cost: FREE
Frequency: Every fourth Saturday
F to York St.
A/C to High St./Brooklyn Bridge
81 Washington St.
between Front St. & York St.
DUMBO, Brooklyn


13. Elly Clarke, FF Intern-alumn, curates photo project, London, opening March 5, 2003

The Broadway House Photo Project
Curated by Elly Clarke
Gallery Seven Seven, Broadway Market, London E8
March 6th-16th 2003
Private view: Wednesday 5th March, 6.30 - 8.30pm

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like from your neighbour's perspective? Well now is your chance to see. The Broadway House Photo Project, on show at Gallery Seven Seven from 6th-16th March, is the end result of a six-month process involving residents from the Broadway House Estate in Hackney who agreed to take pictures from and inside their flats.

Everyone living in Broadway House looks out at the same views but experiences them from different angles, depending on the location of their flat within the block. This may be seen as a metaphor for how we all see the world - through different eyes and from different perspectives. Every eye (I) is different.

In wider terms, the Broadway House Photo Project is about urban communities and the experience of living in a block of flats. Although most of the participants have lived in Broadway House for several years, many do not yet know each other. Only at the private view on 5th March will everyone finally get the chance to meet - and see their photos for the first time.

When the exhibition closes, all photographs will go to the flats and to the people from where they came. However, if any visitor to the exhibition wishes to buy any images, limited edition prints will be made to order, with all profits going to the Broadway House Tenants & Residents Association. In this way, art may be transformed into council block repairs.

Each participant took three pictures: one looking out of the kitchen window, another looking the opposite way towards the communal garden, and a third of whatever they liked inside their flat. All used the same two disposable cameras, which were circulated around Broadway House, along with a table in which participants wrote their names and gave titles to their photos.

This project would not have been made possible were it not for the support and co-operation of the Broadway House Tenants & Residents Association and a grant from the Hackney Community Empowerment Fund. Elly Clarke lives in Broadway House.

How to get there:
Gallery Seven Seven is at 75-77 Broadway Market and can be reached by bus 236 to Broadway Market, buses 106, 253, 26, 48, D6, 55 to Mare Street, BR to London Fields or Cambridge Heath, or on foot: 10 minutes from Hackney Central BR or from Bethnal Green tube. The gallery is open 12-6pm Wednesday-Sunday or by appointment. Gallery website: http://www.sevenseven.org.uk
For further information about this project, or for images, please get in touch with Elly by phone: 07905 275 575, or by e mail: elly.clarke@virgin.net


14. Martha Rosler, FF Alumn, in Feminist Art discussion at Columbia U., Feb. 24th.

The Columbia University Department of Art History & Archaeology's lecture series CURATING MATTERS presents:

Presentations and public discussion on the recent exhibitions of feminist art in New York and their reception.

Martha Rosler, Artist and Guest Professor, Konstfack University College of Art, Craft and Design, Stockholm, and Royal Danish Art Academy, Copenhagen

Catherine Morris, Co-curator, "Gloria: Another Look at Feminist Art in the 1970s" and "Regarding Gloria" (White Columns, Fall 2002) and Independent Curator

Ingrid Schaffner, Co-curator, "Gloria: Another Look at Feminist Art in the 1970s" (White Columns, Fall 2002) and Senior Curator, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania

Moderated by Christina Kiaer, Assistant Professor, Department of Art History & Archaeology

Monday, February 24, 6-8 pm
Schermerhorn Hall 501
Free and open to the public
Take the 1/9 subway line to the 116 St. and Broadway stop. Schermerhorn Hall is located in the northeast corner of the central campus.


15. Moriah Carlson, Alice Wu, FF Alumn, at CAA, Feb 22, 2:30 pm

Moriah Carlson and Alice Wu, FF alumn, will do an extravagant multimedia presentation about their work called "Our Art, Ourselves" at the College Art Association Conference on Saturday, February 22 at 2:30 PM as part of the panel discussion "In the Live Gallery for Self-Expression, Social Activism, and Commercial Manipulation: Artists and the Contemporary Streets."

Other presenters in the panel are:
Ingrid Bachman, "48 Hours/48 Rooms: A Case Study"
Timothy Drescher, "Habermas' Public Sphere: Politicizing Urban Street Art"
Anne Graham, "Working in Public"
Michael Piazza, "Interventions in Public: Local Context/Global Impact"

The 91st Annual Conference of the College Art Association will be held in New York City on February19-22, 2003. The headquarters hotel is the Hilton New York, 1335 Avenue of the Americas, between 53rd and 54th Streets. For information see http://www.collegeart.org.

Alice Wu
P.O. Box 1920 NY NY 10009


16. Joseph Nechvatal, Martha Rosler, FF Alumns, at Illinois State University Galleries.

READY FOR WAR will be exhibited simultaneously at University Galleries and at universitygalleries.com from February 18 - March 18, 2003.

University Galleries of Illinois State University in Normal will present a non-juried exhibition entitled READY FOR WAR from February 18 through March 18, 2003. READY FOR WAR is our way of "acting locally," offering as many artists as possible a forum for expressing their sentiments about the grave state our country is in at the moment. From Goya to Sue Coe, artists have believed in the power of their images to target the ills of society. Among the topics addressed in this display of aesthetic combat are terrorism, poverty, environmental protection, privacy, racism, civil liberties, drugs, and reproductive rights. Laura Dunn, Maine

We posted a call for entries by flyer and email last month (deadline for receipt is Feb 14), and so far nearly 100 artists have responded by sending actual work, links to their websites, or printable digital files. ALL entries will be exhibited in our Gallery 2 space and/or documented on our website: http://www.universitygalleries.com. (Web-based art will be linked from our website; digital files will be printed out for the on-site show and added to the website exhibition.) Uwe Bressem, Berlin

The exhibition consists of paintings, drawings, digital animations, collages, sculptures, installations, poems, videotapes, cartoons, and prints by artists from locations including: Puerto Rico, Greece, Mexico, England, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada, as well as Florida, New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Michigan, California, Missouri, and, of course, Illinois. Martha Rosler, Mike Cockrill, Joy Garnett, and Joseph Nechvatal are among the artists who have answered our call.
Nicholas Papadakis, New York
For more info and images, contact Barry Blinderman,
at bblinde@ilstu.edu or (309)438-5488

TOP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

17. Gigi Otalvaro-Hormillosa, FF Alumn, in SF, Feb. 28 and March 1, 8 pm

the details (including an image of me from gift) for the show are on the news page at

Media Contact: Julie Feinstein
(510) 835-0614 Julfeinst@aol.com
For Immediate Release

(a)eromestiza and Bindlestiff Studio, in association with Queer Cultural Center present COSMIC BLOOD

a video- and sound-based performance by Gigi Otálvaro-Hormillosa with live sound by melissa Dougherty showing with a guest performance of Deliverance II by Michelle Bolong

WHEN: Friday, February 28 & Saturday, March 1, 2003 at 8 p.m.
WHERE: Bindlestiff Studio in San Francisco 185 6th Street, at Howard
TICKETS: $7 to 15 sliding scale (no one turned away for lack of funds)
RESERVATION: 415/974-1167

Apocalyptic and visionary, instigating and seductive, Cosmic Blood examines the historical effects and present-day implications of mestizaje, the colonization of Latin America and the Phillipines by Spain, resulting in mixed races and cultures. Says artist/activist Otálvaro-Hormillosa, "Mestizaje is the painful creation of a new race, of many races, but it is also a means of survival, and restoring balance. Cosmic Blood takes the concept of mestizaje further by looking at how it interplays with gender and sexuality. Since I embody multiple identities, it works to my advantage: I illustrate what marginal communities may experience. I use art to push the boundaries of what people consider community and identity -- because these things are fluid and intersecting."

The show also considers a different view of "conquest." She says, "Historically, we have seen only one image of domination. What if the indigenous woman rises up and kills the conquistador? What if the conquistador violates the indigenous man? We can imagine other narratives and by doing so, create new possibilities for healing."

Otálvaro-Hormillosa sees her Cyborg as the culmination of today's forces of change, "She is both hope and cynicism, a future mestiza. Like our ancestors, we can survive colonization and transformation." Sound artist, DJ, and Cosmic Blood collaborator melissa dougherty masters her atmospheric tracks, aural metaphors, and driving beats live onstage during the performance.

Images and video clips from Cosmic Blood are available online at http://www.devilbunny.org. Cosmic Blood is funded by the Potrero Nuevo Fund Prize, a program administered by New Langton Arts (for more information about the prize, visit www.newlangtonarts.org), the San Francisco Art Commission and the Zellerbach Family Fund.

Sharing the stage both evenings is a piece by queer pinay dancer and martial artist Michelle Bolong. Deliverance II is a performative reflection on the fantastical realm of Woman and the capacity of her power, and also features live sound performance by melissa dougherty.

Artist Biographies:

Gigi Otálvaro-Hormillosa, also known as the Devil Bunny in Bondage, is a San Francisco based interdisciplinary performance artist, video artist, cultural activist, curator and percussionist of Filipino and Colombian descent. She is originally from Miami, Florida and received her B.A. from Brown University where she created an independent concentration entitled "Hybridity and Performance." She has worked with non-profit arts organizations and HIV prevention service agencies such as the Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center, Proyecto ContraSIDA Por Vida, New Langton Arts, Galería de la Raza, the Queer Cultural Center, Asian American Theater Company and the Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center. She has worked on various artistic collaborations under the mentorship and direction of performing artists such as Pearl Ubungen, Guillermo Gomez-Peña, Elia Arce and Afia Walking Tree. Her work in performance, video and writing has been presented nationally and internationally. Her writing has been published by Social Justice Journal, shellac, artistmanifesto.com, Antithesis Journal: Sex 2000 and an anthology entitled Postcolonial and Queer Theories: Intersections and Essays. Awards include grants from the Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art (2000-2001), the San Francisco Art Commission Cultural Equity Grants Program and the Potrero Nuevo Fund Prize. Her video is currently online in the Popcorn Movies section of Planet Out's website. Read articles, view video clips, and learn more about Gigi at www.devilbunny.org.

melissa dougherty was born in Brooklyn, New York, where music found her early in life: guitar at age four, classical piano at age seven, bands and 4-track recordings as a teenager. In 1997, she graduated from Whittier College with degrees in English and Religious Studies, a minor in Art History, and a new passion for Jazz leading to a performance scholarship at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. She has played and sung in various jazz trios and duos, as well as studied guitar with Andrew York of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, studied voice with Ava Victoria, and has played with Los Lobos and Ozomatli. She has released one CD of original material and is currently recording her next CD at home. She has performed all over the Bay Area as a solo artist, incorporating live instruments, voice, samplers, and computers into her set. In addition to creating the sound score for Cosmic Blood, she's also the Musical Director/Composer for Sara Shelton Mann's Feast of Souls dance performance piece which will be featured on the main stage at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in the Fall of 2003, and is the sound designer for Michelle Bolong's piece Deliverance II. For more info about melissa, visit www.melissadougherty.com.

Michelle Bolong Michelle Bolong is a 26 year old queer pinay martial artist and dancer. At the age of nine she was shown the explosive power of Tae Kwon Do and later in her life did she discover the flight of dance. She came to the Bay area in 1999 and was immediately introduced to the Liquid Fire Performance project. Inspired by its hot and raw performance spirit, Michelle had no choice but to continue to feed her passion by creating fierce works. She holds a vision where martial arts and dance can fuse into one powerful realm. Her vision is what clearly distinguishes her as a unique performance artist here in San Francisco. Michelle has dedicated this piece to all the powerful women who have inspired her throughout her life.


18. Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga, FF Alumn, at Qville launch, Feb. 22, Queens

Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga, FF Alumn, will be presenting Vagamundo (http://www.ambriente.com/cart/) at the Qville launching party 9pm this Saturday, February 22nd in Long Island City at 38nine Studios located at 38-09 31st St., between 38th & 39th Aves, Long Island City (directions may be found at http://www.38nine.com/location.html). Qville is a non-profit artists' collective, seeking to promote community in New York City. To read about the event -- bands, films and art exhibit go to http://www.qville.org/events.html


19. Dyke Action Machine, FF Alumns, at Feldman Fine Arts, opening Feb. 22

"American Dream: A Survey"
Includes an installation by Dyke Action Machine!
(Carrie Moyer and Sue Schaffner)
and more than fifty other artists.
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 22, 6-8pm
Exhibition dates: February 22 - March 29, 2003
The American Dream, one of the most familiar and resonant phrases in our national lexicon, has mirrored and shaped American Identity from the Pilgrims to the present, encompassing the idealism of a formative democracy and the seduction of 20th c. mass culture. See www.feldmangallery.com for a complete list of participating artists.

Be sure to get your very own limited-edition Dyke Action Machine! 2004 campaign button produced especially for "American Dream". Buttons, A Project of Creative Capital, available at Feldman Gallery.

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts
31 Mercer Street
New York, NY


20. Geoff Hendricks, Yoko Ono, Carolee Schneemann, FF Alumns, at Amherst College.

Mead Art Museum
Amherst College
Amherst, MA 01002-5000
Routes 9 & 116
Website; www.amherst.edu/mead
General Exhibition Information Line: 413-542-2335

Exhibition Publication: Critical Mass: Happenings, Fluxus, Performance and Intermedia at Rutgers University 1958-1972 available March 2003

1 February 1 - 1 June 2003
Critical Mass: Happenings, Fluxus, Performance and Intermedia at Rutgers University 1958-1972 Curated by Geoffrey Hendricks and Sur Rodney(Sur)
Fairchild Gallery

"Fluxus is not:
a moment in history,or
an art movement.
Fluxus is:
a way of doing things,
a tradition, and,
a way of life and death."
-Dick Higgins, composer, painter, translator and art theorist

* Meat Joy
Screening of the 1964 performance piece by Carolee Schneemann Conversation with the artist, Carolee Schneemann and Kristine Stiles, Associate Professor of Art and Art History, Duke University Cancelled due to snowstorm will reschedule. check our website for details.

* How to Draw a Bunny
The Ray Johnson Documentary Film
Screening and Conversation with filmmaker and photographer, Andrew Moore, Lecturer in the Visual Arts, Princeton University
Thursday 27 February 2003
4:30 p.m.
Pruyne Lecture Hall, Fayerweather 115
Amherst College

* Films by Yoko Ono:
Cut Piece
Flux Film 16
MoMA Show

Screened Tuesdays 12:15pm in Teaching Gallery, Room 223, Mead Art Museum
4 February - 27 May 2003

Special Screening and introduction by Midori Yoshimoto, Art Historian
Thursday 3 April 2003
4:30 P.M.
Teaching Gallery, Room 223, Mead Art Museum

* Gallery Talk with Geoffrey Hendricks
Guest Curator and artist, Geoffrey Hendricks (Class of 1953), Professor Emeritus, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University will speak about the FLUXUS movement and the exhibition commemorating it.
Friday 30 May 2003
4:30 PM
Fairchild Gallery, Mead Art Museum
Reception to follow



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