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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
January 2, 2003

1. Thing.net, FF Alumn, shut down.
2. Donna Henes, FF Alumn, presents new moon drumming circle, January 2, 2003
3. Cynthia Oliver, FF Alumn, at DTW, Jan 14-Feb 2, 2003
4. Joshua Fried, FF Alumn, Jan 7-8, at HERE, 7 pm.

1. Thing.net, FF Alumn, shut down.

Activist Network In Ny Evicted From Internet By Dow, Verio. Bowing to pressure from the Dow Chemical Corporation, the internet company Verio has booted the activist-oriented Thing.net from the Web. Internet service provider Thing.net has been the primary service provider for activist and artist organizations in the New York area for 10 years.

On December 3, activists used a server housed by Thing.net to post a parody Dow press release on the eighteenth anniversary of the disaster in which 20,000 people died as a result of an accident at a Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India. (Union Carbide is now owned by Dow.) The deadpan statement, which many people took as real, explained that Dow could not accept responsibility for the disaster due to its primary allegiance to its shareholders and to its bottom line. Dow was not amused, and sent a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaint to Verio, which immediately cut Thing.net off the internet for fifteen hours. A few days later, Verio announced that Thing.net had 60 days to move to another provider before being shut down permanently, unilaterally terminating Thing.net's 7-year-old contract. Affected organizations include PS1/MOMA, Artforum, Nettime, Tenant.net (which assists renters facing eviction), and hundreds more.

"Verio's actions are nothing short of outrageous," said Wolfgang Staehle, Thing.net Executive Director. "They could have resolved the matter with the Dow parodists directly; instead they chose to shut down our entire network. This self-appointed enforcement of the DMCA could have a serious chilling effect on free speech, and has already damaged our business."

RTMark, which publicizes corporate abuses of democracy, is housed on Thing.net. Please visit https://secure.thing.net/backbone/ to help Thing.net survive Dow's and Verio's actions, and to develop a plan to avoid such problems in the future.


2. Donna Henes, FF Alumn, presents new moon drumming circle, January 2, 2003

New wolf moon drumming circle with Donna Henes, urban shaman Thursday January 2, 2003. Join us as we inaugurate a new moon, a new year and all bright new Beginnings. Please bring a token of your best intentions and resolve for our

7:30pm please be prompt
Advance reservations required.
For info and reservations please contact: (718) 857-2247
Note: reservations close 24 hours prior to each event
Please reserve for circles as early as possible

Before or after the circle, be sure to check out our unique, ever-changing selection of ceremonial supplies and fashions from cultures around the world. Charms, talismans, amulets, power jewelry, ritual tools, supplies, and rare ceremonial botanicals. Books, CDroms, Affirmations. Place your order for an amulet bag made to your individual specifications. Make an appointment for a personal consultation.

Mama Donna's Tea Garden And Healing Haven
PO Box 380403
Exotic Brooklyn, NY 11238-0403
Phone/Fax 718-857-2247
Email: CityShaman@aol.com


3. Cynthia Oliver, FF Alumn, at DTW, Jan 14-Feb 2, 2003

DANCE THEATER WORKSHOP presents Cynthia Oliver in AfroSocialiteLifeDiva (premiere) part of DTW's Carnival series January 14, 15, 23, 24 & February 1, 2003 at 7pm, February 2, 2003 at 2pm at DTW's Bessie Schönberg Theater (219 West 19th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenue

Dance Theater Workshop is thrilled to present Bessie award-winner Cynthia Oliver in the premiere of AfroSocialiteLifeDiva, part of DTW's Carnival series, a three-month rotating schedule of performing artists. The show opens January 14 at 7pm and runs January 15, 23, 24 and February 1, at 7pm. There is also a Sunday matinee on February 2 at 2pm. Tickets are $27, $17 for DTW Members. Tickets may be purchased online at www.dtw.org; tickets and memberships are available by phone at (212) 924-0077 or at DTW's Box Office at 219 West 19th Street. "[A] woman containing multitudes, her smooth physical comedy charms." - Eva Yaa Asantewaa, The Village Voice

Rooted in Oliver's personal family history, AfroSocialiteLifeDiva (ASLD) draws upon family experience and includes a number of others in a work that examines the conflation and confusion of lives built upon love and dependence as well as the fierce and often explosive fight for independence between mother and daughter, daughter and self, daughter and spirit. In this interdisciplinary work that includes text, story, movement and sound, a unique environment emerges, composed of the essences of Harlem, the American South and the Caribbean. Here, women "becoming" delve into the complicated, intertwined and revelatory relationships that they share in one particularly vibrant family. Original music for ASLD is composed and performed by Bessie-Award winning ambient avant world trio Straylight, featuring Jason Finkelman, Geoff Gersh and Charles Cohen. Performers Renee Redding-Jones, Cynthia Bueschel, Blossom Leilani and Maria Earle will be dressed in the Urban Fairie costume designs of Adrienne McDonald. The physical landscape has been created by visual artist Erin Tapley.

Artist Statement: The work examines inter-generational relationships between these women, the merging of personalities, the influence of families, sexualities and otherworldly sources to create one bad ass woman, the AfroSocialiteLifeDiva, able to move time and space to suit her needs. Is she just a woman? Or a superhero? The ultimate narcissist, ASLD's world is all about her and every instance a lesson to those around her in the ways of her brilliance. Unconvinced? She has proof! She is a sage, and from her lips slip the most colorful and succinct epithets, from her eyes and imagination, the most vivid detail and from her limbs, the physical language of life's ongoing dramas. She is full. Ripe. She is consumed with her own image. She is adept in matters of love and competition. She is full of drama, and of course, always right.

Cynthia Oliver creates performance collages that move from dance to word to sound and back again toward a pomo-nouveau dance theater. A Bronx born, Virgin Island reared performer, she incorporates the textures of Caribbean performance with African and American aesthetic sensibilities. She has danced with Theatre Dance Inc. and the Caribbean Dance Company of St. Croix. In New York, she has danced with independent choreographers Janine Williams, Andrea E. Woods and Patricia Hoffbauer and with many companies including David Gordon Pick Up Co., the Prowess DanceArts Collective and Ronald K. Brown/Evidence. As an actor, Oliver has performed in works by Greg Tate, Ione, Laurie Carlos and Ntozake Shange. In addition to Oliver's performance work, she is PhD candidate in the Department of Performance Studies at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Her scholarly work has focused on performance in the Anglophone Caribbean. She has taught at New York University's Department of Drama, Tisch School of the Arts, Hunter College, Manhattanville College at Purchase where she was the 1998 Guest Choreographer, The Newcomb Summer Dance Intensive at Tulane University and Florida State University. She is currently Assistant Professor of Dance at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

AfroSocialiteLifeDiva has been commissioned by DTW's Bessie Schönberg/First Light Commissioning Program with funds from New York City Department of Cultural Affairs Cultural Challenge Program. This work is funded in part by the Creative Capital Foundation, the National Performance Network,The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Meet the Composer.


4. Joshua Fried, FF Alumn, Jan 7-8, at HERE, 7 pm.

Joshua Fried, FF Alumn, presents Radio Wonderland.: I will walk onstage with my FM boom box, grab some audio bits on the spot, and fire up the PowerBook and Musical Shoes to slice, dice and pitch-shift rhythmatize the media as it flies through the air. (In other words, the usual, and still in-progress!)
Tues.-Wed., Jan 7-8 2003, 7:00pm
HERE Art Center
145 6th Ave. (below Spring), NYC

Also on the bill, the amazing surreal physical comedy of Deke Weaver and Michael Farkas (formerly of the Wiyos) in SATURN'S WAKE

It's all part of part of CULTUREMART, HERE's annual emporium of hybrid performance featuring work of HERE's Artist Residency Program

Admission $15, which includes a hefty discount on any additional CULTUREMART shows you attend.

see (there may be a wee typo linking HERE's page to mine, but it does link successfully to TicketWeb)

As I continue to perform the piece in its current state, my structured improvs grow increasingly musical, or so I'm told. The comic/theatrical elements are still there. The next major step will be my programming elegant algorithms which will transform the found sound into complex, satisfying, FUNKY patterns. And then on to large structures, all from found material, of course... I'd like to mention also that I realize that many of you are far away. I don't expect anyone to fly out to see me, but I wanted you to know what I'm up to. Peace--maybe, someday, probably not this year-but Happy New Year anyhow,

Joshua Fried



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