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WARNING: This section of franklinfurnace.org is very old, but has been preserved for reference purposes. Please understand that some links may be out of date or refer to organizations that no longer exist.

A Day Without Art:

The Action Pages at Creative Time.

Visual Aids: Day With(out) Art at Visual Aids or The Body.

"Art in the Age of Aids" Frank Green & Ron Athey netcast from Franklin Furnce.

Annie Sprinkle at The Robert J. Shiffler Collection & Foundation
This is a very comprehensive site, images, video and lots of great and sexy text. "The Post Porn Modernist Show is the story of Annie Sprinkle's sexual evolution told, and explored, through a series of burlesque-like autobiographical multi-media vignettes."

"Artpool" is a non profit alternative art institution in Hungary, with the objective to register changes in art, to present and document the most interesting art experiments and to promote artistic communication."

The Buddy Performance The Cowboy Gynecologists in Search of the Male Grail.
William Pope.L and Jim Calder performing at Here every Friday, Saturday and Sunday November 27 - December 19, 1999.

The Conga Guerrilla Forest Written and Directed by Susana Cook. Seven Women and an Angel Will Lock Themselves in a Theater During the Last Fourteen Days of the Millennium at W.O.W.