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Raul Zamudio, Pat Pardo, Javier Tellez, FF Alumns, in Feb 2002 issue of NY Arts

Special Feb. 2002 issue of NYARTS titled:
Art & Violence, edited by Raul Zamudio
Art & Violence: Poetry After Auschwitz, Art After 9/11
by Raul Zamudio
Eros and Thanatos: Notes on Human Conflict
by Thalia Vrachopoulos
Choruetics (artist page)
by Javier Tellez
Violent Urges, Minor Offenses
by Patrick Pardo
Picture Rubble (artist page)
by Rainer Ganahl
Degenerate Ruins (artist page)
by Nicolas Guagnini
Patty Chang: Ferocious
by Hitomi Iwasaki
Kidnapping Piece (artist page/poster)
by Karin Schneider
Mexico City: Art, Aggression and Violence
by Victor Zamudio-Taylor