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Kriota Willberg, FF Alumn, and Dura Mater present Ladykillers, Jan. 10-20, 2002

Dances about female violence
Choreography by Kriota Willberg
Dancers: Jessica Ames, Stasia Blyskal, Kate Kennedy, Tomiko Magario,
Beth Simons, Vicky Virgin, Kriota Willberg

Guest Housewife performers are:
Dexter Collins, Maja Lorkovic, Emily Lenhard, Amy March, Jane Kotapish, Emily Wassyng, Cassandra Weston, Denise Johnson, Sophie Webber, Katrina Vancy, Megan Van Dyck, Rachel Bernier, Kindra Windish, Barabara Clark, Fumi Hill-Gordon

Plus two video featurettes:
Kill Vicky, with non-dancing cameos by Douglas Dunn, Eliot Feld, Neil Greenberg, and David White. Camera by Nathan Blake.

Mata Hari, starring Buffy Miller and Ethan Crenson. Directed by Janis Astor del Valle
Lights by David Zeffren

Thursday - Sunday
January 10-13, 17-20, 2002 8 pm. $15
At Axis Company
1 Sheridan Square at West 4th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue
(nearest subway: 1 or 9 to Christopher Street)
Reservations: (212) 807-9300