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Diane Torr, FF Alumn, presents Man for a Day Workshop, April 27, 2002

It's spring! How about casting off your winter clods and taking on some new ones -those of another gender? Performance artist, Diane Torr will present her famous (infamous?) Man for a Day Workshop (formerly known as Drag King Workshop) where women (or those approximating that label) can take on the role of men and live as men for a day. Workshop includes a total make-over (you supply the male clothes of the fantasy man you wish to become), a training in how to walk, talk, laugh, smile, eat, gesticulate, etc as a man. The workshop culminates in a trip to a public space where these newly found men can try out their new identities on unsuspecting citizens. Best workshop quote: "No man's gonna make a fool out of me,.unless of course it IS me."

Man for a Day Workshop - April 27; 2pm-midnight; $150 (some scholarships available)
For location and more info contact Diane at dragkingdt@aol.com