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Doug Skinner, FF Alumn, with Bill Irwin in The Clown Lecture, opens April 2, 2002.

Doug Skinner will be joining Bill Irwin for a "sneak preview" of The Clown Lecture at the New Victory Theater on April 2; the occasion is a gala to benefit The New 42nd Street projects (New Victory Theater, New 42nd Street Studios, and The Duke on 42nd Street). Further information is probably available at (646) 223-3000. Tickets are on the pricey side. Mr. Skinner will also be speaking at the Fortean Times UnConvention, at the Commonwealth Institute, South Kensington, London, on April 6 and 7. The first talk will be on "John Keel and the Mothman" (a summary of Keel's colorful career, and a look at the strange creature that inspired his best-known book); the second on "How Data Gets Damned" (a critical look at the scientific method). See www.forteantimes.com for the unsettling details. Furthermore, White Knuckle Sandwich, the indescribable (we've tried) band that features Doug Skinner, Jennifer Duffy, and Anne Shapiro, will be hosting Avant-Garde-Arama at P.S. 122 on April 26 and 27.