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Linda Sibio, FF Alumn, announces new non profit, Bezerk Productions.

Los Angeles, CA, New York, New York

LINDA CARMELLA SIBIO has recently created BEZERK PRODUCTIONS- a non-profit entity designed to oversee and foster the creativity of the mentally disabled that Sibio works with in Joshua Tree, CA (Sibio is schizophrenic). Working with the mentally disabled since 1985, interdisciplinary artist LINDA CARMELLA SIBIO, formerly of New York City and Los Angeles, now lives in the hi-desert village of Joshua Tree. Recipient of two California Arts Council Artist-in-Residence grants, she devotes 20 hours a week to The Cracked Eggs arts group at the Morongo Basin Counseling & Recovery Center in Yucca Valley. She also spends countless hours helping mentally ill and addicted personalities to create and express art, and to integrate the inner being- or beings, as the case may be.

Bezerk Productions will be the umbrella under which her many projects will now be under. Known for her work as a visual and performance artist, Sibio's world is one of schizophrenia and the madness of art intertwined with fringe populations. She has staged works at Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Franklin Furnace in New York, LACE in Los Angeles and at Playscool in Salt Lake City. She has been the recipient of grants from The Rockefeller Foundation,The Lannan Foundation., and The Cultural Affairs Dept of the City of Los Angeles.

Since moving to the hi-desert, Sibio has created "The Adventures of Heidi Peale", an experimental video with Alice Fries Agency. This piece profiles a comedic character that is as zany and weird as Sibio is in real life. She is casting the piece with mentally disabled artists she has trained.The film version of the work is called "In Search of Plastic Strawberries."

She also has been developing a painting series "TORTUROUS DREAMS" which conceptually centers around the idea of torture and contain thousands of miniature images of people being tortured and transforming into recycled machinery. Visually they have been compared to Myan hieroglyphics. These works have been recognized by art historian Arlene Raven, James Elaine (Armand Hammer Museum), Gagosian Gallery and Rachel Rosenthal. Sibio has a website featuring the work www.omencity.com (click on "Linda Carmella Sibio: Gallery of Madness"). Ms. Sibio is currently trying to find representation for these works and is trying to get a publisher to develop them into a book and to make mass produced prints of the paintings.

"Panic Attack", is a solo performance work Ms. Sibio has been developing for the past year. She is teaming up with internationally known artist Noah Purifoy and will be premiering the piece in September at Purifoy's studio space in the hi desert. The work is about a junk collector (Purifoy's work is assemblage art-made out of junk) who has panic attacks that develop into spiritual revelations. A segment of this work was shown at Highways in Santa Monica in May and played to a very enthusiastic crowd. This work will be Bezerk Production's third work it has sponsored (pretty good since they just started up this year).

BEZERK PRODUCTIONS is a company dedicated to getting the work of the mentally disabled out to a serious art community. It is not therapy. It is the making of serious contemporary art. Ms. Sibio has on her board many influential people including Martha Wilson of Franklin Furnace, Norman Frisch - New York based arts curator and entrepreneur, Moira Adams grants writer/art consultant - based in Yucca Valley, California and Derek Scott Graves - New York based publicist. The company is looking for funding and for a serious person in mental health to be on their board.

For a history of Ms. Sibio's work visit her other website at: http://w3art.com/LindaSibio.html
for more information:
contact Bezerk Productions 760-362-4071