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Sapphire, FF Alumn, presents a workshop, April 20 & 21, 2002

Writing Lives/Righting Trauma

On the weekend of April 20-21, one of the most powerful and provocative writers and poets of the last two decades, Sapphire, will explore with us how we can use writing to begin to face and heal our traumas. This extraordinary woman has drawn upon a multitude of sources, including her life, to produce brilliant and honest work that captures the reality of city life. Her verse and prose reveal the power of words to face and sometimes transform the individual and collective path of our times. Join us as we examine trauma and healing in literature with a focus on how to turn the events of our lives into story, poetry and song-the ultimate victors over occupation, dislocation, war, racism, and trauma. Enrollment is limited.

The New York Open Center, 83 Spring Street, NYC
To register call: 212 219 2527
A Weekend Workshop
$200 Members/ $220 Nonmembers
Saturday & Sunday, April 20 & 21