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Alva Rogers, FF Alumn, at Tonic, July 29th, 2002 at 7 pm.

"FooFoo-Galushka!" 5 foods on one plate at TONIC.

Steve Espinola; Mary Ann Farley; Eletfa Hungarian String Band; Alva Rogers; Raul Rothblatt's African-Hungarian Jazz Thang

This night features an unlikely combination of finely-honed songcraft, manic Hungarian dancing, and multicultural avant-garde jazz; yet the bands overlap about as much as a typical 60's Motown revue (which is to say, very much so).

Monday, July 29th, doors open at 7:00.
107 Norfolk Street, NYC, NY 10002
$8 admission.
(north of Delancey, near the F/JMZ)

7:30 Steve Espinola
8:15 Mary Ann Farley
9:00 Eletfa Hungarian String Band
9:45 Raul Rothblatt's African Hungarian Jazz Thang.
With a Special Appearance by Alva Rogers

ALVA ROGERS returns, singing a few originals after a long absence from New York venues (she has been focusing on productions of her various plays and musicals). Her appearance is good news for fans of her spellbinding, genre-defying shows of the last decade. So mercurial are her talents that we are not sure what the gods will call upon her to do. She may play with the Hungarians, the jazzsters, the songwriters, by herself, or all of the above.