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Reverend Billy, FF Alumn, at The Ontological, opening June 8, 2002

OTHER LOVE is a play about peace, developed from the Rev's shoutings at Union Square after 9/11 and later the "The Church of Stop Bombing" series last fall. The trombonist Brother Wayne Walcott joins this performance, and the directors are Tony Torn and Savitri Durkee.

The play starts like a Reverend Billy sermon, but deconstructs into hurried characters and a tawdry sidewalk rage incident. In fact this is an hallucinatory view of an extreme verson of what New Yorkers do all day: bump each other hard. And there is a wild dog, a gun, and, of course, an abusive father.

Opens June 8 at 8 for the Gala, and 10 for the late show. The Press opening is June 9. OTHER LOVE runs Wednesdays through Sundays at 8 PM, through the 23rd of June. There is a Saturday late show at 10 PM. All seats at $10. At: The Ontological Theater At St. Mark's, 10th Street and 2nd Avenue, N. Y. Res/info: 1 212 533 4650 or WWW.REVBILLY.COM