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Cary Peppermint, FF Fundwinner 2002, in Glasgow, Scotland, July 7th, 2002.

Sunday July 7th, 16:00
CCA, Center of Contemporary Art, Glasgow (CCA 5)

Cary Peppermint
Conductor Number Zero Version 6.4
Techno-Lectures of Memory, Distance & Forgetting

With assistance from CCA-Glasgow, New Media Scotland, and Franklin Furnace

CN_ZERO V6.0 is the latest version of my ongoing series of Conductor performances (in update) that began in 1997. At the most basic level each performance incorporates live video/surveillance technology. Each performance requires viewers to observe in simultaneity the performance event and the real-time (live) approximation of that event via video monitor. Conductor performances set up paradoxical situations for experiencing the 'presence' of the physical performer while also experiencing the 'distance' imposed by the mediation of the video transmission or what I consider with regard to the Conductor series, 'spectral technologies.' To better understand my use of this term it may be helpful to consider the invention of the phonograph and its early alternate label of 'ghost box.' The 'ghost box' produced voices from people who did not exist... at least in physical presence. To reproduce the 'live' event is to be involved with the work of the 'dead', the very act of entombment.

CONDUCTOR NUMBER_ZERO V6.4 acts as a demonstration of how to begin to conduct a 'multi-media seance' or more literally how to interrupt new media technologies and allocate space for the consideration or reading of such exposures, i.e. how to speak with the dead. CN_ZERO is concerned with how the viewer may assume an active position and begin to read the 'multi-media experience' instead of the often-times passive position of the recipient immersed in the intoxicating dream of light and sound. Toward realizing these ends I would like to suggest that CN_ZERO V6.0 functions not only as a simultaneous play between the actual 'live' performer and the real-time 'spectral' image of the performer, but it also functions simultaneously as a cultural work and a 'performance of culture itself.' CN_ZERO emits a 'low frequency humor loop.' This subsonic, psychic hum produces a feedback of irony where impossibility yields laughter and strangely then laughter hints again toward possibility. Cary Peppermint July - 2002

For more information:
New Media Scotland
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This performance is made possible, in part, by funds from the Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art, supported by the Jerome Foundation and the New York State Council On The Arts.