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Murray Hill, FF Alumn, presents 5th Annual Fez Oscar Party, March 24th, 2002

Hello gang!
Hope all is well out there. Even though President Bush just passed an "economy stimulus package" that gives you another six months of unemployment checks, I'm still gonna give you a recession break on tickets for an Oscar party! Here's the deal: $2 off tickets for early reservations made between today to Friday, March 15th. Code word: polyester

Reservations: 212-462-9077 Get a bunch of pals together, and come and watch big screen TV with me and The Murrayettes. We'll be there all night and I will be re-enacting scenes all the movies. Hope to see you there, this is gonna be a fun one.

The 5th Annual Fez Oscar Party hosted by MURRAY HILL, Sunday, March 24

Celebrate the glitziest night in Hollywood with the "hardest working middle-aged man in show business" as Murray Hill hosts The 5th Annual Fez Oscar Party on Sunday, March 24. Festivities begin at 7:30pm with the Joan Rivers E! Oscar Pre-Show.

The evening continues with the complete Oscar telecast shown on a giant screen, impromptu performances, movie trivia games and lots of movie memorabilia prizes -- including promotional items from Oscar worthy movies including Moulin Rouge, Legally Blonde, Zoolander, Super Troopers, Gosford Park, Monsters Inc., and Glitter, plus other giveaways courtesy Lions Gate and Miramax. Win the Oscar Prediction Ballot for an unbelievable Grand Prize! During commercial breaks Murray will be re-enacting his favorite scenes from all the nominated best pictures and he will provide running commentary throughout the night. The Murrayettes will be doing can-cans all night and you bet ya bottom dollar many guest stars will be make dazzling appearances.

The 5th Annual Fez Oscar Party
Sunday, March 24
Doors open at 7:15pm, you can walk in any time
Tickets $12

380 Lafayette Street
The full Time Cafe menu will be available all night so have dinner with us!

For reservations: 212-462-9077
(212) 539.3197