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Tim Miller, FF Alumn, performs in San Diego, July 26, 2002.

Hi Folks!

I am performing at the ATHE Conference on Friday July 26th and will do my show GLORY BOX there. Both of these performances deal with the adventures and struggles of gay bi-national couples in America. This will be the last time I come to San Diego and perform before my Australian-British partner Alistair and I have to leave the US at the end of the year. Alistair's visa has been exhausted and we have to leave this strange country America by Christmas since gay bi-national couples in the US are denied the basic civil rights reserved only for straight married couples. So ridiculous, but obviously the Permanent Partners Immigration Act (the bill in US congress that would help couples like me & Alistair) isn't going to pass in time for us. Please come along and see my final engagement in SD before we are forced to leave the US. Remember to call your congresspeople and ask them to become sponsors of PPIA (HR 690) San Diego folks should definitely call Rep Susan Davis (619) 291-1430. She is STILL not a sponsor of the Permanent Partners bill which is pretty outrageous

GLORY BOX will be performed Friday July 26, at the Assoc for Theater in Higher Education Conference. THE PUBLIC IS WELCOME TO COME TO THE SHOW! It's at the Town & Country Hotel, 500 Hotel Circle North, Golden West Room - part of Atlas Ballroom Located in the Conference Center of the Town and Country
Start: 9:45 pm. Tickets are $10.

best, Tim Miller