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Paul McMahon, FF Alumn, performs April 16 and April 23, 2002 in Woodstock, NY.

colony hotel open mikes to feature featured performers starting NOW!

this tuesday april 16: BENSON
Benson is sort of an Italian Robert Guillaume, known for ARMS and TRIBE going to THE DOCK with DJ113. With more names than a girl, he has recently been known as Vita, Ben Vita, and just plain Benny P. "He's not Dennis Rodman, he's Michael Jordan," someone said.

next tuesday april 23: ARMY OF LOVE version X12, with Sergeant Catfish just back from YourRope. Most but not all of the members of wwwwWoodstock's most revolting i mean revolutionary new rock band will be swingin' away for world peace and ice cream running in the gutters. Not to appear anything but nepotistic, but the open mic's host is lead guitarist in this band, which is led by his wife. we hope that squares us with today's strictlier enforced ethics standards. although we know that lack of nepotism is not in itself a crime, we hope that we are showing good faith in attempting to be as nepotistic and clannish as possible. we would hate to appear unpatriotic. thank you for your childish sense of wonder.

the openly michael mic starts at 8 and sometimes ends cold at 11 so be there around 7:30 to sign up. The feature will play at 9.