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Paul McMahon, FF Alumn, and his band perform in Woodstock, NY, March 16th

Paul McMahon writes to tell us his band, ARMY OF LOVE. is playing at the Catskill Pizza parlor in Woodstock on Saturday March 16 around 9 pm. This band's name honors the Army of Love in which the prophets, saints, sages and masters of all times and traditions march on in eternity, watching over us all and always pumping up the love vibe preparing humanity for our great leap into universal enlightenment and so forth and so on. They play the wonderfully surreal and very short and rocking songs of Amanda Williams, Paul's 21 year old wife and mother of nine month old twin girls. This remarkable girl from Georgia is a dropout from modeling who learned to play guitar in two weeks and started channeling songs about a year and a half ago. She has written over fifty songs and the band has recorded about half of them on two cd's and a project in progress. Currently the band consists of three women and two men, McMahon, at 51 is the only one over 30.

The ARMY OF LOVE is here to save the world. If your area of the world needs saving they will certainly be playing there soon.