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Alastair MacLennan, Yoko Ono, FF Alumns, featured in Circa Magazine's 100th issue.

CIRCA Art Magazine, Ireland's leading magazine for contemporary visual arts and visual culture, has just published its 100th issue. Watch out for our new size and format! This special edition contains : Artworks For Circa. We invited a number of artists to contribute pieces towards our 100th issue. The brief was to fill a page of CIRCA with whatever they pleased. We are delighted to have pieces from: James Coleman + Caroline McCarthy + Anne Tallentire + Alice Maher + Alastair MacLennan + Rita Duffy + Marjetica Potrc + Robert Ballagh + Barrie Cooke + Dorothy Cross + Kathy Prendergast + Hans Peter Kuhn + Yoko Ono

Theme: Looking back at 21 years of art in Ireland
Plus news, regular columns, preview section, reviews.

CIRCA is available for sale in around 70 outlets in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, including most leading art spaces; it is also distributed by Eason's, and by Lakeside in Britain. It is available from St. Mark's Bookshop in New York.

Peter FitzGerald (editor@recirca.com)
Editor, CIRCA Art Magazine, Arthouse, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2; tel/fax: (+353 1) 6797 388 For art news, reviews, features, art projects and more: www.recirca.com