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Andrea Kleine, FF Alumn, in Sundance Online Film Festival - please vote!

Dear Friends and Colleagues-- Virgil Wong and I have co-directed the short digital film Murmur which is now part of the 2002 Sundance Online Film Festival Since it is online you - yes YOU get to vote as part of the audience awards from the comfort of your own home without the bother of being followed by the paparrazzi.

Here is what you do: Go to: http://www.sundanceonlinefilmfestival.org/sundance/liveaction/murmur.html Click on: WATCH FILM (its on the left) At the bottom of the popup screen, where it says RATE THIS FILM, please highlight 5 STARS You can also watch the film. The film is about 4 minutes long. It may, however, take you longer to download depending on your connection speed. You do not have to watch all of the film in order to vote for it. Thank you all and Happy New Year! --Andrea

P.S. Save the dates: March 28-31, 2002. Andrea Kleine's new performance work Claude, about the French surrealist photographer Claude Cahun premieres at Dance Theater Workshop at the Duke Theater on 42nd Street.