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Helen Varley Jamieson, FF Alumn, presents a cyberperformance.

What is cyberformance? What does it have to do with theatre? And who is Tito Alberto????

The ABC Experiment
(Avatar Body Collision)
BATS Theatre
3pm, 16 - 17 February

Cyberformance and theatre collide in this theatrical presentation of the results of a six-month long research experiment.

The internet is more than a communications tool, it's a creative medium. Visual artists claimed the net as a canvas long ago - but what about performers? Isn't the online environment also a stage? And is there any place for the internet in the theatre?

To consider these and other questions, an international email group and a dedicated team of cyberformers have been discussing, experimenting and rehearsing at the edges of our understanding of theatre. Language, movement, casting, the role of the audience and technical challenges are some of the issues being explored. How is technology changing our definition of theatre? What place does cyberformance have within theatre?

Here's the answer to one question: cyberformance is live performance in graphical chat rooms. As for the others - all will be revealed at The ABC Experiment, 3pm, 16-17 February - in a theatrical presentation followed by a facilitated discussion.

In the original spirit of the internet, this event is FREE - but the venue is small, so please book to ensure your seat. Use the BATS phone, 802-4175. For more information, visit www.abcexperiment.org.

The ABC Experiment is brought to you by cyberformer, playwright and creative catalyst Helen Varley Jamieson, with the assistance of Vicki Smith, Paolo Grippa and Angela Main (New Zealand), Karla Ptacek (London), Leena Saarinen (Helsinki) and special guests from cyberspace.

Contact: Helen Varley Jamieson
(04) 905 7210