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Coco Go, Franklin Furnace alumn in Cornucopiae, Belgium, May-June 2002

Coco Go is exhibiting in Cornucopiae: TotalProject-- 13 of her 60 SuperSkyWoman dialogs in poster format from her 1997 bookTIKYSK Things I Know You Should Know: Permaculture Getting to Know You, & a video of her performance with her 88 year old artist mother Alisa at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice June 13 2001 for the International Artist's Museum's "Markers" project (200+ 1x2 meter banners) in the 2001 Venice Biennale. Her banner with dialog #13 of two of herselves as SuperSkyWoman saying to each other, "With speed, efficiency, micro-circuitry we now have more time to arrive too soon", -- "Forget Coming, Forget Landing!" was one of the first banners of several stolen during the Biennale & is included in the de Garage show. (The "Markers" exhibition will be installed again in Israel). CornuCopiae is a "total" artproject with installations, video, performance, collages, drawings, soundscape (Kristof D.) incl. Mail-Artworks by 50 international Mail-artists (Coco Gordon, Klaus Staeck etcŠ) Participating artists: Annabelle Nuyttens, Annina Van Sebroeck & Luc Fierens
Place: Space for Contemporary Art, de Garage, Cultural Center Mechelen (Belgium)

opening: Friday 3 May - 8 PM
Show runs from 3 May till 23 June 2002