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Richard Foreman, Robert Wilson, FF Alumns, at Exit Art in August 2002.

In conjunction with Exit Art's exhibition Show People, Exit Art and Anthology Film Archives are pleased to present two evenings of films and videos by Richard Foreman:

Location: Anthology Film Archives 32 2nd Avenue (at 2nd Street)

Thursday, August 1
7:30 + 10pm

Richard Foreman
1981, 84 minutes
Cast: Buck Henry, Raul Julia, Carol Kane, Ruth Malaczech, Kate Manheim, Bill Raymond

Richard Foreman
1980, 27 minutes
Performers: Richard Foreman, Kate Manheim, Maryette Charlton, Lilian Kieser, Bernhard Lambert, Jacques Pimpaneau, Elion Sacker, Scotty Snyder, Irma St. Paule, Ron Vawter.

Loosely autobiographical, Foreman plays himself in Total Rain, acting out his own aesthetic, his private psychological position, and his own moral dilemmas vis-a-vis the material and ethereal worlds. The narrative also features performances by the director's longtime friends and colleagues, Ron Vawter and Kate Manheim, who act as provocateurs.

Friday, August 2
7:30 + 10 pm

Richard Foreman
1972/1973, 62 minutes
A film of the legendary Ontological/Hysteric Theater production, staged at Jonas Mekas' Cinematheque at 80 Wooster Street in 1972.

Richard Foreman
A short video created for Foreman's production Film is Evil, Radio is Good.

Richard Foreman
1976, 41 minutes
"Out of the Body Travel expropriates the fundamental subject of painting: making space visible. Foreman's film pursues the same preoccupations as his theater, dealing with the relationships between some of the deepest dichotomies of our culture: mind versus body, self versus other, male versus female, master versus slave, identity versus fragmentation, abstraction versus experience, and language versus reality." -- Noel Carroll, Soho News

Exit Art
Show People: Downtown Directors and the Play of Time
548 Broadway 2nd floor, New York, NY 10012
212-966-7745, www.exitart.org

May 11-August 17, 2002
Gallery hours: Tuesday-Friday 10-6pm, Saturday 11-6pm

Featured Directors:
Reza Abdoh
Anne Bogart
Richard Foreman
Meredith Monk
Peter Schumann
Robert Wilson

Show People is an exhibition that traces the history of experimental theater through each of these directors' careers, featuring unique installations that examine their earliest performances and contrast it with the work they are creating today. Ongoing public programs, video screenings and a media library is located in Exit Art's cafe.