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John Fleck, FF Alumn, performing in Los Angeles on Saturdays through September 7, 2002.

starting this Saturday evidence room presents a special late night summer TREAT:
nationally acclaimed performer JOHN FLECK in his latest extravaganza NOTHIN' BEATS PUSSY Saturdays at 10:30 5 PERFORMANCES ONLY through September 7, 2002
213 381 7118
in Los Angeles (not San Fran as this East Coaster mistakenly announced last week).

Get ready to enter the fantasy world of Pussy, a knockout blonde bombshell and her B movie co-star Del Cracker. Their song and dance exploits culminate in a cathartic showdown of scandalous dimensions. 'LA's premiere provocateur' explores adolescent romance, obsession, family love, and the American Legion. It is a splashy, trashy road show recalling Fleck's own bumpy road (to Perdition) from Cleveland to sunny California. This production is co-directed by Randee Trabitz.

Undoubtedly, ER fans will remember John's award-winning performance as Heiner Muller in THE BERLIN CIRCLE.] OK. I Get It. But WHY Does Nothin' Beat PUSSY? Because it is nothing less than hard core Fleck throwing his big Hollywood self into the great family story. And Fleck dives the only way he can. DEEP into a fantasy world of Hi-Fi records from the 1960's, a blonde beehive hairdo, go-go boots, white fringe and bargain basement family values! PLUS a complimentary HI-BALL on the house, PLUS CASH PRIZES AWARDED NIGHTLY, PLUS more surprise guests than you can shake a swizzle-stick at! and tickets are ONLY $10 if reserved and paid for in advance and ONLY $12 at the door so Saturdays at 10:30, you're there? doors open at 10:30, NO early admission 213 381 7118 Come and find out for yourself why NOTHIN' BEATS PUSSY... Bart DeLorenzo, Artistic Director www.evidenceroom.com - check the site for additional info.