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Performance, installation and intervention art festival, July 26-28, 2002, Exeter, UK

Event: HEM
Location: Exeter, Devon
Date: 26th 27th 28th July
Opening Party: 26th July @ the City Gate Bar, North St, Exeter (starting 7PM)
For Further info email: info@hem.org.uk
See web site @ www.hem.org.uk

In association with Exeter Fringe Festival and Spacex Gallery, HEM is a weekend of performance, installation and intervention art during which 13 local, national and international artist will be producing platform of innovative and challenging art. They will be using the cityscape of Exeter to create an alternative gallery space, with the intention of engaging the local population with new and interesting art forms, which aim to explore the city, its architecture and heritage. By placing the art outside of the gallery space it will introduce new audiences to performance and installation art and to engage with the people and the city of Exeter. The performances, installation and interventions are cited in and around the city centre throughout the weekend.