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Irina Danilova, FF Alumn, in Love a Commuter, Valentine's Day, 2002

FEBRUARY 14, 2002
This coming Valentine's Day "The Love a Commuter Project" promises to love
thousands of New York City subway commuters. "The Love a Commuter Project" is a site-specific intervention launched by artists Nicolás Dumit Estévez and María Alós on February 14, 2001 at the Grand Central Terminal and Times Square subway stations in New York City. Over six hundred and fifty tokens of affection were distributed by the artists free-of-charge to those traveling during the holiday. This ephemeral piece allowed subway riders to share a quick moment of intimacy with the performers in a space deemed as functional and impersonal. This year the reach of "The Love a Commuter Project" will expand. For this purpose, other artists have been invited to perform an intervention/action at a subway station near you. For additional information about "The Love a Commuter Project" or to find out about the subway station near you where you can be loved, please contact us at commuter_lovers@hotmail.com For a list of the participating artists and a schedule of the interventions, please go to www.bergenstreet.com/commuter_lovers.html
Video documentation of the 2001 "The Love a Commuter Project" can be seen at www.bkyn.com

Irina Danilova writes, "I am going to perform on Thursday, February 14th in Subway within "Love a Commuter Project"My work is - "Love is a Hole in the Heart", 59th Street Station, A train (well - it is for commuters, not for the audience but I will be glad if you commute there between 5 and 9, aprox. 7pm).Going to play cry of orgasm 59 times (lets see what is stronger - underground cry or noise) and distribute to random American people 59 aphorisms about love by random Russian people (from the current contest made by my friend, Professor of Emory University, Mikhail Epstein and some other Russian sites). The name of this performance - "Love is a Hole in the Heart", aphorism found on one of the Russian sites, author is unknown.This performance about controversy of being a potential victim (of love or hatred), about cry (of pleasure or horror) and about aphoristic love bridge between people across the world... KEEP YOUR HEARTS OPEN

This project is partially supported by Artists Space's Independent Project Grants Program.