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Jay Critchley, FF Alumn, first short feature debuts June 14 in Provincetown.

Toilet Treatments, Jay Critchley's first short feature will debut at the Provincetown Int'l Film Festival on Friday, June 14, 9:00PM at the Schoolhouse Center, and on Saturday, June 15 at 5:00PM at Whalers Wharf Cinema. Also included will by Jay's first short, Providence Dirt Newsreel. It will share the bill with another home-grown movie, Off Season, with Casey Clark and Blythe Frank, both starring in Toilet Treatments as well!

Tickets go on sale on May 22, and with limited seating for this hometown double bill, they are expected to go fast. Check out 866 468-7619 or www.ptownfilmfest.com

Toilet Treatments - A 'Dank' Comedy and a Must Pee!
Alice in Wonderland meets Mary Tyler Moore. Katrina sheepishly comes to Provincetowntown to start her business of installing and programming video screens in public and private bathrooms, programming found clips of MTMs aerobic workout, Chippendales models, "Making a Relationship Work, " Bass Fishing in Texas, etc. Lady McBee, a New Agie crossdresser played by David Hanbury, is her mentor as Katrina's descends into her Septic apartment and is ultimately transformed by the world of color (she is color blind except when she watches TV!). George, her ex-high school guidance counselor and business partner is continuously heard via cellphone only from their New Jersey headquarters. Ramone, the indomitable Latin Lover Ricardo Rodriguez, Katrina's plumber and choreographer, sparks romance that vibrates from the magic of septic sex to Texas!

A must pee!

Providence Dirt Newsreel, set in Rhode Island is a black and white, voice over "news" real based on newsreels from 30s-50s. Jay also has an exhibition up at DNA Gallery from May 31 - June 19: Outermost Alms Museum (508 487-7700).