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Papo Colo, Jeannette Ingberman, FF Alumns, launch www.trickstertheater.org

Every room is the center of the world
From the room in the web
To the space in your sensibility
occupies that space
a cyber theater production on the web

Announcing the Launch of trickstertheater.org
An innovative bilingual virtual theater project

trickstertheater.org presents
M Play
Written and directed by Papo Colo
Performed by Sara Abad, Jeanette Ingberman, Jolie Pichardo

Log on every Thursday to trickstertheater.org
for a new virtual canto to be uploaded on the site.
Thursdays: March 14, 21, 28, April 4, 11, 18, 25, May 2, 9, 16, 21, 28

(New York, March 2002) Trickster Theater, a New York based theater company, launches a new venture, trickstertheater.org, an original approach to presenting and producing experimental theater. trickstertheater.org, a virtual theater, opens the field of drama into the electronic media. trickstertheater.org stages an entire production titled M Play, on the Internet. M Play, a series of virtual cantos (short, poetic texts) on the life and dreams of three women in a Metropolis, is not a documentation of a stage production but a series of video vignettes written and produced solely for the purpose of being presented on the Internet: "The website is the theater', says founder/director Papo Colo.

M Play will be presented over a 12-week period, Thursdays March 14 through May 28. A new canto, the next installment of the play, will be uploaded to the site every week. Each canto will be a short, two to four minute video installation whose stage is the computer's screen.

In creating a bilingual production, the Trickster Theater is interested in how other languages influence English and mainstream culture in the large cities of the United States. In M Play, the metropolis refers to New York City, but the implication is that it can be a reference to any big city in the U.S. An important aspect of the Trickster Theater is that it is bilingual, in any language. This first production, M Play, contains Spanish as it's second language because in the United States, it is the most spoken language after English. Made up of 3 voices, two in one language and one in the other, the spoken texts in M Play are not translations but a convergence of sounds that form a third language. The duality of language creates another tempo with the words. The entity of M Play is formed when the melodies of languages overlap.

In this period in the history of the metropolis, trickstertheater.org can reach audiences that otherwise cannot or will not go to the theater. Through M Play, the worldwide Spanish and English speaking audiences have the opportunity to view and understand a theatrical production in both languages. If you know one of the languages, it gives you the opportunity to learn the other.

trickstertheater.org is a co-production of Exit Art.
Trickster Theater Papo Colo, Founder/Director, Sara Abad, Jeanette Ingberman, Jolie Pichardo, Actors trickstertheater.org Eric Tsai, Production Designer, Patryk Rebisz, Web Designer in collaboration with PC.