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Yoshiko Chuma, FF Alumn, at La Mama through March 31st, 2002

La MaMa Experimental Theatre
74A East 4th Street, New York City 10003
Box Office 212.475.7710

Hiroshima-New York-Belgrade-New York-Sarajevo-New York-Kabul
Created by Yoshiko Chuma and the School of Hard Knocks

a comic choreographic mystery, based on the administrator's nigntmare and a true story of moving cargo and mountains of e-mails and letters. The title's formula stands for the endless circles of life and war. "Pi=3.14" deals with large issues of displacement, wartime and the parallels between Chuma's youth in postwar Japan and the lives of the performers, who have all had wartime experiences of their own. They include Tea Alagic, an artist from Bosnia, Ivan Talijancic, a Croatian actor, Jim DiBiasio, an American actor who has lived through three wars, and Wazma Osman, a 27 year-old Afghan woman who walked over the Pakistani border to freedom in 1980, yet returned in 1999 and met Taliban repression face-to-face. Chuma wants to bring out the parallels between among these stories: 1945 Japan, 1995 Sarajevo and 2002 Kabul.

Performances March 17 - 31: Weds at 8:00pm, Thurs-Sat at 10:00pm, Sun at 5:30
tickets $15
linx: www.yoshikochuma.org www.lamama.org