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Call for contributions for Performance Research, "On Archives and Archiving"

Performance Research
Vol.7 No.4 (Winter 2002)
'On Archives and Archiving'
Call for Contributions
'On Archives and Archiving' will be Volume 7, Issue 4 of 'Performance Research' and will be jointly edited by Richard Gough with guest editor Heike Roms.

Deadlines are as follows:
Proposals: February 28th 2002
Finalised Copy: May 15th 2002
Publication Date: December 2002

'On Archives and Archiving' will be the fourth issue of a volume on 'Textualities: scores, documents and archives' (PR, Vol.7, Nos 1-4, 2002) which considers the changing nature of performance texts and relations between writing, textuality and performance in four related issues: On Editing, Translations, On Fluxus and On Archives.

Performance is widely regarded as that which cannot be archived - its presentness at odds with the archive's quest for permanence, its disappearing acts resisting the desire to label, stack and store. Yet at the same time as performance has asserted its radical ephemerality the demand for documenting and archiving its practices on behalf of performance research and historiography has grown. What then is performance's relationship with the archive?

The editors invite contributions that explore this relationship in all its facets, including the role of performance in the culture of the archive and the role of the archive in conceptualisations of performance; the cultural histories and ideologies of archival practices; the future of performance and the archive in the digital age; performance as an archive of its own history; performative interventions into archival culture; the role of forgeries, rumours and lies in the development of performance history; the role of the document in performance research; the practices of performance archives; and performers' archives.

Possible topics (in alphabetical order):

access - accumulation - arrangement - assemblage - association - authenticity - autobiography - body - book - bone - box - capacity - catalogue - category - classification - collage - collection - conservation - copy - counterfeit - cyberspace - data - decay - depository - destruction - diary - digital - disappearance - document - drawer - dust - ephemerality - error - eternity - evidence - facsimile - fake - file - flesh - forgetting - fragment - future - goneness - hide - history - image - information - installation - internet - inventory - journal - knowledge - label - letter - library - lies - list - loss - memory - name - network - omission - orality - order - original - palimpsest - paradox - past - preservation - private - public - quotation - recycling - reconstruction - remains - restoration - rubbish - ruin - rumour - safety - saving - searching - secret - storage - sound - system - time - trace - uncover - virtual - witness - wunderkammer - xyz

'On Archive and Archiving' will continue the discussion on archiving and performance begun in earlier issues of Performance Research ('On Memory' and 'On Maps and Mapping'). Responses to previous contributions on the theme are especially welcome.

Performance Research is interested in proposals for visual and textual work that makes use of the resources of the page, and in work that may use several versions of a text. We are interested in scores and other performance documents, interviews, discussions, proposals for review essays of performance, digital, time-based work and books, and in collaborations between artists and critics.

This issue will be edited by Richard Gough, General Editor of Performance Research, and Heike Roms, Consultant Editor of Performance Research.

We actively welcome submissions on any area of performance research, practice and scholarship. Proposals and articles will be accepted on hard copy, disk or by e-mail attachment (MS Word). Please DO NOT send images by email attachment without prior agreement.

Proposals, submissions and enquiries should be sent direct to:
Linden Elmhirst - Administrative Assistant
Performance Research
Dartington College of Arts
Devon TQ9 7RD UK
tel. 0044 1803 862095
fax. 0044 1803 866053
email: <performance-research@dartington.ac.uk>

Submission of an article to the journal will be taken to imply that it presents original, unpublished work not under consideration for publication elsewhere. By submitting a manuscript, the authors agree that the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the article have been given to the publishers.