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Natalie Bookchin, FF Alumn, celebrates the creation of Metapet, April 1, 2002

In anticipation of the May Day Launch of Metapet,
join us for a special sneak preview
and influence the future of the World's First Transgenic Virtual Pet Game! at the BETA Play-Testing party

Monday, April Fools Day, 6-9 pm
at Remote Lounge
327 Bowery above 2nd Street, NYC
RSVP 212-206-6674 x 250 (Creative Time)

FREE squeezable stress bones and other SPECIAL incentives for the best play testers!

Metapet Version 1.0 will be launched on May Day 2002

Metapet is a project by Natalie Bookchin with Jin Lee Cathy Davies and Mark Allan and Action Tank presented by Creative Time (www. creativetime.org) in association with Hamaca (www.hamaca.org)

Action Tank is an independent mobile network that deploys high leverage technology as ammunition against the current state of affairs. Action Tank was formed in 2000 by Jin Lee and Natalie Bookchin. As an open collaborative unit, Action Tank currently includes Natalie Bookchin, Jin Lee, Cathy Davies, Mark Allen, Jerry Hamby and Lem Jay Ignacio.

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