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Peter Baren, FF Alumn, presents Angel Dust, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Angel.Dust We Wanna Lose Our Heads For Anything In Time.

The work is developed for and presented in the Amsterdam Sloterdijk train station and is on show till August 1st.

Angel Dust consists of performance stills of an ever proceeding body of enigmatic work carried out over the last 20 years in Europe and USA. Printed on silverfoil, covering the huge glass spans, they either show in b/w or in reverse human figures in a great variety of transactions. Commissioned by Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.

With the honourable help of Rico and Waco, 2 homeless people from the neighbourhood, and Seymour likely walking on Bodyguard treadmills, Peter Baren hung overstretched off the wall: several short performances were carried out both on 30 nov and 1 dec. (Aids Memorial Day). Remembering the loved ones who passed away, the performers were blindfolded the second day.

Next October Peter Baren will perform during Nove Zamky's 13th Multimedia Art festival in Slovakia. (ArtAction 1958-1998 covers its festival history and spinoff)