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Vivian Babuts performs July 19 and 20, 2002, at WOW Café and Dixon Place.

Your darling dear old friend -- former lover, confidante, acquaintance, whore, employee, ex-wife, surrogate daughter, adoptive sister, cult leader -- Vivian Babuts will be returning to the manhattan mothership this weekend for 2 nights of breathtaking performance (and tales from an exotic land far far away, and hairy shimmies after the show if you're lucky)

"AN AMERICAN CHEERLEADER", excerpts from a SOLO WORK BY VIVIAN BABUTS will be presented Friday July 19th, 11pm at WOW Cafe Theater, 59 E. 4th St (bet. 2nd Ave. & Bowery); and Saturday July 20th, 8pm at Dixon Place, 309 E.26th St.(@ 2nd Ave).

p.s. you know what happens when those small town girls get let out of the house! - maybe you've already seen her in the popular videos, "Girls Gone Buck Dyke", "Girls Gone Pissing on Your Front Lawn", or "Girls Gone Fishing" -- well f*** the videos - come see her live this weekend!