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Robert Atkins, lectures at NYU, March 7, 6:30 PM

The Department of Art and Art Professions, New York University School of Education

Public Events, free, for more info call 998-5799

Thursday, March 7, 6:30 PM, Einstein Auditorium, 34 Stuyvesant Street
"The Artworld, Community and Activism: A Meditation Inspired by the Events of September 11th" Lecture by Robert Atkins, noted art critic, online producer and art historian.

Modern art emerged two centuries ago from social crisis and this activist impulse lives on in recent public art by artists and rganizations such as Joseph Beuys, Group Material, Gran Fury and Visual AIDS. In an age of sensationalistic mass media and the theme-parking of museums, can the artworld promote the emergence of diverse and independent voices? Is there a tradition of community-based and political art in the U.S.? Is the internet the last, best hope for artists pursuing social change? As with the numbing, post-Sept 11th rhetoric about "patriotism," "sacrifice," and "change," are the appropriate issues even being addressed? In his illustrated lecture, Mr. Atkins will raise such questions -- and even provide a few answers.

Robert Atkins, a New York-based art historian, is the initiator of 911 - THE SEPTEMBER 11 PROJECT: Cultural Intervention in Civic Society (http://rhizome.org/911) and a founder of Visual AIDS, the group that originated Day Without Art and the Red Ribbon. He has taught at numerous universities and currently teaches at Rhode Island School of Design. The author of books including ArtSpeak: A Guide to Contempory Ideas, Movements and Buzzwords and a former columnist for The Village Voice, he has received awards for art criticism from the NEA, Manufacturers Hanover Bank, the Penny McCall Foundation etc. He is media arts editor of The Media Channel (www.mediachannel.org) and editor in chief of Artery: The AIDS-Arts Forum (www.artistswithaids.org/artery).