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Jacki Apple, FF Alumn, produces "earjam III," July 26-27, 2002, in Pasadena, CA.

earjam III is an all-star two night new music festival featuring over 30 Los Angeles based solo artists and groups.
Friday July 26 and Saturday July 27th, 2002 8-11 PM
Furious Theatre space at Armory Northwest
965 N. Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena, CA

This year earjam III will be jumpin and jammin with eclectic aural resonances featuring more than 30 of L.A.'s musicmakers. Each evening a diverse cross-section of some of EARJAM 2000 and 2001's outstanding artists will be joined by a whole new crop of equally stimulating musicians in two sets and an improvised jam full of surprises.

Friday night will feature David Rosenboom, Jacqueline Humbert, Michael Intriere & Anna Homler, Harris Eisenstadt/Nathan Hubbard Percussion Duo, Sara Schoenbeck & Bruce Fowler, Many Axes (Susan Rawcliffe, Brad Dutz & Scott Wilkerson), Ellen Burr & Steuart Liebig, Wayne Peet, Jeff Gauthier & GE Stinson, and Vinny Golia.

Saturday night will feature Non Credo (Kira Vollman & Joe Berardi), Wadada Leo Smith with Motoko Honda, Amy Knoles, Miriam Kolar with Jennifer Roth, David Ornette Cherry, with Chenstrada (Stephen "Breeze" Smith, Aubrey Torres, Celeste Wigger, S. Pearl Sharp), David Javelosa with Julie Adler & Peter Ludwig, Lynn Johnston & Chuck Dukowski, Nina Rolle, Ghost Duo (Michael Fink, Marty Walker, Jonathan Marmor) and Karl Montevirgen.

earjam III is produced by Julie Adler & Jacki Apple
TICKETS: $12 per night per person, $20 for both nights,
(students & seniors $8).
Reservations: call 323-662-4683 or email jaworks@sprintmail.com
Sound system courtesy of Yamaha Corporation of America
With additional in-kind support from the California Institute of the Arts, Armory Center for the Arts, Furious Theater, American Composers Forum/L.A.