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Women in Black Art Project at the UN, June 16.

Women in Black Art Project at UN, 6-16-02
For those of you who live in New York, or will be there next weekend--we hope to see you at the vigil! For those of you not in NY--please forward this to your correspondents in NY. Announcing a vigil at the United Nations, 6-16-02, calling for "No War Without End," and to honor women's unheralded struggles, transformation and leadership in building peace. See details about the vigil, and about the Women in Black Art Project in the attached press release. See images of the Women in Black Art Project costumes in their first set of vigils, during International Women's Day, 2002 (March 8th) in front of the US Capitol, White House, State Department, Vietnam Memorial and Arlington Memorial. Go to www.artwomen.org/current/htm The Women in Black Art Project will be joined in the vigil before the UN building on Sunday, June 16 by Women in Black groups from New York, New Jersey, Maine, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Children (ages 6-16) of members of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, which is having its biennial conference in New York, will also be involved in the vigil. The Women in Black Art Project is a feminist cultural activism project that seeks to enhance the visualization and building of peace. Violence in all its forms, including war, affects women and their children disproportionately. We stand in solidarity with all people who are seeking peaceful solutions to disputes at interpersonal, inter-community and international levels, especially in situations where women and girls' lives and prospects are at risk. The Women in Black Art Project should not be construed as supporting any policy or practice of any individual country or political entity. To find out how to arrange a visit of the Women in Black Art Project costumes to your community, please contact: Mary Jo Aagerstoun mjaag@wam.umd.edu To support the Women in Black Art Project, please send US tax-deductible contributions to: Network of East-West Women 1761 S Street, NW Suite LL-12 Washington, DC 20009