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FF Alumn Anita Chao in GROUNDZERO: 01, August 16, 2001

Please join us TONITE for the opening event of GROUNDZERO:01
Thursday August 16th 6-9pm
129 Lafayette Street, Floors 6-11

Groundzero, traditionally a reference to a point of origin or a critical juncture, signifies the potential for rapid, intense and occasionally violent change. The distinct voices in this collection of predominantly emerging artists allude to this dynamically generative moment and represent new avenues for exploration and evolution. Independent curators and artists responding to the unique dynamics of a recently renovated, vacant building at 129 Lafayette Street inhabit six floors to create Groundzero:01. Each floor presents a distinct vision, including work ranging from site-specific installation and fabricated environments to investigative painting and analytical photography. The collected work of Groundzero:01, filling some 30,000 square feet of exhibition space forms a body of new material capable of stimulating sophisticated discussions concerning the relevance of a wide array of directions for artists.

For an invitation, list of artists and further information on Groundzero:01 please phone #212-966-7745 ext 17