Franklin Furnace Fund For Performance Art 1999-2000 Fund Winners

a.k.a. (Lawrence, KS)
a.k.a. is a coalition of women artists, diverse in age and experience, background and lifestyle, spanning three generations and three continents who perform together in various venues throughout the country. a.k.a seeks to investigate the realities of their lives and to express the fruits of the search visually through the medium of performance. Previous performances include "Fan Club" presented at the Cleveland Performance Art Festival in 1998.

Ann Carlson (New York, NY)
Ann Carlson is a performance artist whose work is a blend of dance, voice, sound, and visual elements. From Lincoln Center to the dairy farm, the opera house to a public school, from the museum to the frozen pond, Ann Carlson's work defies description and category while expanding the context of choreography and performance. Most recently she was awarded a 1998-99 Foundation for Contemporary Performance Fellowship.

Patty Chang (New York, NY)
Patty Chang uses her performances as vehicles for disintegrated memory, intersecting physical challenges with disjunct methods and objects to create new meanings. The performances focus on anticipation as the embracing of anxiety, using exertion and restraint as ways to deal with struggle, failure and the yielding to a physical inevitability. In March 1999, she made her solo art show debut at the Jack Tilton Gallery which included photography, video, and performance.

Susana Cook (Bronx, NY)
Susana Cook -- writer, director, and performer -- has twelve years of experience as a performance artist. Her work, both fiery and funny deals head on with Latinas and lesbians. Cook presented We Are Faking our National Orgasm at The Kitchen in May 1999.

Aleta Hayes (New York, NY)
Aleta Hayes is on the Dance Faculty at Princeton University and has extensive performance, choreography, and directorial experience throughout the U.S. and the world. In 1998 she was commissioned by Swarthmore College to choreograph, sing, and dance in "Somebody Special" in the Soho Downtown Arts Festival and she performed at the Verona International Jazz Festival in Italy the same year.

Peculiar Works Project (New York, NY)
Peculiar Works Project, now in its sixth season, generates original performance that is accessible and fun for a diverse audience and challenges the conventions of medium, structure, and process in an alternative theatre context by performing in non-traditional spaces. The goal is to inspire collaboration, experimentation, and a rebel spirit in emerging artists. Each year PWP produces an annual performance event, "BIG ART in small places," which gives artists an opportunity to develop new work.

Standard & Poor (Brooklyn, NY)
Standard & Poor's projects focus on interaction with the American Public on the street, outside of the context of Art. These projects present challenging scenarios to the public as real-- combinations of symbolic and ironic action intended to prompt related behavioral cues, innate to corporate/media driven consumer culture, in order that the public may connect and assimilate it to themselves. This year they opened a solo show entitled "Carpet Rollers" at the MWMWM Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

Julie Tolentino (New York, NY)
Julie Tolentino is a performer, choreographer, director, artist advocate, dancer, AIDS activist, and a prominent supporter of lesbian visibility. She has worked with influential live performance artists such as David Rousseve and Ron Athey. Her first full-evening presentation, Mestiza-Que Bonitos Ojos Tienes, was commissioned by queerupnorth and performed in Manchester, U.K. and in Glasgow, Scotland in May 1998.

Phillip Warnell (Paris, France)
Phillip Warnell focuses on corporeal functionality in performance/sound works utilizing the interior sounds produced by the body. The works are generated through the imperatives faced by the body in everyday life, subject to the basic necessities -- breath, warmth, digestion. Recent works include Borborygmus and Deeper, Deeper, & Deeper.

Mariano Weinstein (Brooklyn, NY)
Mariano Weinstein studied music at the Tel-Aviv Academy of Music, Israel and the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, The Netherlands. Weinstein has composed and performed pieces for festivals, television, dance, and theater in Israel and Europe; most recently composing "Simi Yadech" for the Dat-Sheva Dance Company, Israel.