Franklin Furnace Fund Recipients 2020-21

Shenny de Los Angeles (New York, NY)

Project Description

“What Happens to Brown Girls Who Never Learn How to Love Themselves Brown: the ritual to beauty?” is a performance piece exposing the haunting ritual repeating itself in every generation; a child’s introduction to hair relaxer. Along the journey you witness an Afro Latinx’s curiosity to self-love through her relationship with her mother, their hair, and the generational curse of the men they choose. Immersed through visual projections of childhood, audio of a mother’s voice, movement, spoken word, and a giant tub of water.


Shenny de Los Angeles is a Dominican-American storyteller based in Brooklyn. Shenny centralizes Black Caribbean femmes in her writing; captivating the power of their joy. “when you in pain just focus on somebody else’s business,” is her first piece to be published by The Caribbean Writers. Her most recent collaboration has been with European network, Zoomin.TV, as they highlighted her in their docuseries as a local hero of New York, focusing on the intersection of her art and activism. Shenny’s also excited to announce her debut as a playwright; as her 10 minute play, "Las Mujeres de Hierro," was commissioned by The Latinx Playwright Circle and will be premiering online this fall! Now, as a 2020 Suite/Space Artist of Mabou Mines Theatre, Shenny is currently developing her one woman show “What Happens to Brown Girls Who Never Learn How to Love Themselves Brown: the ritual to beauty.”

Image Descriptions: 1. "Letters to my Unborn Son" original piece performed at Daryl Roth Theatre. 2. "What Happens to Brown Girls ..." exploration of hair and relaxer in Dominican Culture. 3. "In my Dreams" and "#MeToo" Interactive experience with live audience