Franklin Furnace Fund Recipients 2020-21

Daniele Deadwyler (Atlanta, GA)

Project Description

Untitled, or Rules for (Un)Sticking (False) Futures is a performance art installation of documentary and live performance. It is the making of a home- a hyperspace of reclamation for black futures through an anachronistic exploration of lived experiences of black women. This work aligns black past, present and future, with its chosen mediums acting as temporal characters to charge a wild, refined happening. Rules for (Un)Sticking (False) Futures nods to Octavia Butler’s essay, A Few Rules for Predicting the Future, for its foundation and architecture.


With filmmaking and performance as primary media, Danielle Deadwyler blurs the line on labor of the black body. Through experimental and theatrical exhibition structures, she especially bolsters the black female body’s work and its range through public/private, domestic/sexual, individual and with community dichotomies, and in documentary and fictive narratives. Deadwyler is a performance artist, actor and filmmaker, with recent works in experimental film showing at the Atlanta Film Festival and Cucalorus Film Festival and others. Recent TV work includes roles in Watchmen (HBO), P*Valley (Starz), and ATLANTA (F/X). Her experimental performance exhibition rip will stream with limited live engagements as well via Synchronicity Theatre this Fall. Deadwyler is a 2019 Atlanta Artadia recipient and a MINT Gallery resident (ATL).

Image Descriptions: The images provided include three performance works, "BustitOpen" (3 hours, Atlanta, 2017), "MNLUii" (multi-hour, Atlanta, 2016), and "The Ood: A Field Guide to Apocalyptic Worlds for _____ Children" (one hour, Atlanta, 2018). BustIitOpen was a live, public endurance performance. MNLUii was an endurance performance traveling one of Atlanta's main thoroughfares. The Ood was a black box performance live streamed via four accounts on Instagram.