Franklin Furnace Fund Recipients 2019-20

(New York, NY)Richard Kennedy

Project Description

PTTD or Post Traumatic Token Disorder is a one act multimedia chamber collapsed operatic experience. The work examines the psychological traumas that occur once recognized as gifted and talented in non coastal lower income American communities. PTTD will explore concepts of coping, existential crisis, “privileged” micro-aggressions, and ways in which "marginalized" students are commodified and fragmented from the self in order to satisfy quotas and create public facing diversity optics.


Richard Kennedy (b. 1985, Long Beach, California) is an artist, experiential composer, and librettist originally from Middletown Ohio and currently living in Brooklyn, New York. Kennedy’s multi-disciplinary practice includes a focus on the disruption of traditions of Western Theatre, where the primary mode of engagement is through observation, in order to generate new, participatory modes of viewership. Kennedy works in painting, sculpture, installation, video and performance in order to examine notions of the Queer African American experience. They received their MFA from the Milton Avery Institute at Bard College. Kennedy is a 2019 MacDowell Colony Fellow and recently completed residencies at Open Forum Berlin and Mana Contemporary. Their debut solo gallery exhibition (G)HOSTING opens in September 2019 at Peres Projects in Berlin, and their Collapsed Operetta “A Touch of Elegance” will premiere at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Virginia Commonwealth University in November 2019. Kennedy has recently presented performance works at MoMA, The Shed, The Kitchen, The Studio Museum Harlem, BOFFO Performance Festival and Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles.

Images (left to right): 1. Black Rage, SIGNAL, 2.16. 2. BOTH, Artists Space, 1.2017. 3. Comeuppance, SIGNAL, 11.2016. 4. The Infinity Beach Suite, Performa After Hours, 2017.