Franklin Furnace Fund Recipients 2019-20

(Newark, NJ)Dominique Duroseau

Project Description

“Mammy Chocolate-Coated Darkness” is a rebirthing durational performance about race, gender and eroticism, an extension of an earlier performance “Mammy Was Here: Tranquility Disrupted” and performative video “I pretend to be the greatest.” This durational performance will cycle the participating audience through a series of active tasks, both soft and hard, which could become an emotional roller-coaster.


Dominique Duroseau is a Newark-based artist born in Chicago, raised in Haiti. Her interdisciplinary practice explores themes of racism, socio-cultural issues, and existential dehumanization. Her exhibitions, performances, and screenings include SATELLITE ART and PULSE Play in Miami; The Kitchen, The Brooklyn Museum and the New Museum (BWA for BLM), El Museo del Barrio, A.I.R. Gallery, BronxArtSpace, Rush Arts Gallery, and Smack Mellon in New York City; The Newark Museum, Index Arts, Project for Empty Space, and Gallery Aferro in Newark, NJ.

Her recent exhibitions and talks include: solo exhibition at A.I.R. Gallery in Brooklyn, panelist at Black Portraiture[s] at Harvard and lecturer at Vassar. She was a fellow at A.I.R. Gallery in Brooklyn, and received artist residencies from Gallery Aferro, Index Art Center, the Wassaic Project and Shine Portrait Studio; a recently awarded residency at MassMOCA and upcoming residency at Artists Alliance Inc. and at NARS Foundation.

Duroseau holds a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master of Arts in Fine Arts.

Images (left to right): 1. “A New Flag for the Caribbean” (2017) was a collaborative durational performance at the Brooklyn Museum with Nyugen Smith. 2."Mammy was Here: Pleasure Blue" (2019) is a photography series of performative acts/actions in a private space. 3. “Mammy was Here: To Cleanse” 2016 at Panoply; duration: +3hrs. 4. “Rap on Race with Rice” AIOP (2018); duration: 2hrs.