Franklin Furnace Fund Recipients 2019-20

(Brooklyn, NY)Becca Blackwell

Project Description

What happens when Paul Lynde's stardust smacks into a six-foot autonomous vagina? A transmasculine pussy clown named Snatch Adams, who tries their hand at that great-American last resort for the unemployed performer––a talk show! Featuring a court-ordered castrated sidekick ––Tainty McCracken–– the show includes audience prizes, analysis of cream pie porn, viewer mail, fisting, and fart noises. Ultimately, we use raunchy, campy humor to expose deeper queer issues (like misogynistic gender tropes and political events) without being pedantic or flat; serious dangers for ‘woke’ work these days. “That Time of the Month” delights the giant pussy in all of us.


Becca Blackwell is a NYC based trans actor, performer and writer. Existing between genders, and preferring the pronoun "they," Blackwell works collaboratively with playwrights and directors to expand our sense of personhood and the body through performance. Some of their collaborations have been with Young Jean Lee, Half Straddle, Jennifer Miller's Circus Amok, Richard Maxwell, Erin Markey, Sharon Hayes, Theater of the Two Headed Calf and Lisa D'Amour. Film/TV includes: High Maintenance, Marriage Story, Shameless, Deadman's Barstool, and Jack in the Box. Becca is a recipient of the Doris Duke Impact Artist Award.

Image caption: Picture of Amanda Duarte and Becca Blackwell by David Clement Picture of headshot by Max Bernstein