Franklin Furnace Fund Recipients 2017-18

(Brooklyn, NY)Rory Golden


Rory Golden has received fellowships from Yaddo, the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, the Blue Mountain Center for major projects "Your One Black Friend" and "See Related Story: The Murder of J.R. Warren." Recent awards include a research grant from Duke University Libraries Special Collections, a Puffin Foundation Grant, residencies at Blue Sky Project and the Manhattan Graphics Center, all towards completing "You Think I Can Eat All This Chicken Here?"

Golden’s performative works destabilize colonialism and militarism via public interventions, rituals and acts of propitiation he dubs "fashion actions". In Duty Free Ranger, Golden becomes an amplifier and transmitter of secret language that enables justice in some fashion. He has presented at La Mama in NYC as part of NYU’s Hemispheric Institute of Performance Art & Politics "Emerge NYC" intensive; at the Performance Laboratory (Detroit, MI); at the Radical Archives Conference at NYU and Art in Odd Places in New York City and Sydney, Australia; Itinerant Performance Art Festival; Dixon Place Lounge; and with No Longer Empty in New York City. @rorygolden on Instagram and Twitter #dutyfreeranger

Project Description

"Duty Free Ranger: New Iterations"

A midnight protector of urban forests enacts rituals with trees and bushes on 14th Street.
A fancy, unofficial layabout reads aloud from an historical romance novel and eats powdered donuts in the park.
A conquistador style figure on a parapet declares “I am a golden god!” one thousand times before stepping off.

Colonial history, fashion and white blindness are raw material for parody in new iterations of Duty Free Ranger performative public interventions. Duty Free Ranger fashion actions destabilize colonialism, militarism and complacency. In these, I embody, satirize and on a vibrational level undo imperialism’s damaging effects.

Duty Free Ranger connects contemporary cultural expressions, in this case, fashion, with our violent history through public actions. Duty Free Ranger fashion designs function as a reworking of masculine, heteronormative and militaristic menswear aesthetic ideals in dandy Technicolor.

Documented on @rorygolden instagram, #dutyfreeranger fashion actions reflect on and play with questions around land use and natural resources protection, hypocrisy, guilt, gender roles, and white capitalist hetero patriarchal hegemony.