Franklin Furnace Fund Recipients 2016-17

(Brooklyn, NY)Whoop Dee Doo (Jaimie Warren)


Whoop Dee Doo is a traveling, artist-led project and non-profit organization that creates ambitious installations and live performances internationally, generally through universities, festivals, arts organizations, and museums. Each project and accompanying programming are uniquely crafted to fit the needs of the organizations with which we partner, engaging their immediate communities. We work closely with underserved youth groups to research, conceive and create our projects. Our process emphasizes collaboration, encourages respect for diversity, and seeks to initiate a cross-generational and cross-cultural dialogue. Whoop Dee Doo (est. 2006) has created commissioned projects for organizations including the Smart Museum (Chicago), Loyal Gallery (Sweden), the Time-Based Arts Festival (Portland, OR), the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (Philadelphia, PA), The Contemporary (Baltimore, MD), Abrons Arts Center (New York, NY), and others, with a current artist residency with the High Line Education Department (New York, NY). Whoop Dee Doo has been featured on Art21: New York Close Up.

Project Description

Whoop Dee Doo is proposing to realize an ambitious new installation and series of live mini-shows under the theme of “extinction.” This project will be conceived, designed and created as a collaboration between a local youth group, a performance troupe, and the general public, and will be our most investigative and experimental project to date.