Franklin Furnace Fund Recipients 2016-17

(Brooklyn, NY)Ari Tabei


aricoco (Ari Tabei), born and raised in Tokyo, is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She received her MFA from University of Connecticut in sculpture and video performance art in 2007. She has been awarded several residencies and fellowships including; A.I.R. Gallery Fellowship; LMCC Swing Space; Smack Mellon Artist Studio Program; Sculpture Space; Blue Sky Project; Museum of Art and Design Open Studios; AIM program; Institute for Electronic Arts; Anderson Center; Target Margin Theater Institute Fellowship; BRIC Visual Artist Residency; Culture Push; and NYFA Artist’s Fellowship in the category of Interdisciplinary work. She has exhibited and performed extensively in New York City. Her most recent solo exhibition was held at the Sun Porch, Wave Hill, Bronx in 2015. aricoco is interested in how social insects such as ants and bees construct and maintain their colony. She conceived the collaborative project, PIPORNOT in 2014 and has been working with other artists from different fields and disciplines.

Project contributor, Julia Benedict is a theater-maker and writer, who has worked in theater in New York, Dublin and London. After receiving her MFA in Drama and Performance at University College Dublin Ireland in 2008, she collaborated on numerous theatre productions in Dublin, Ireland with HotForTheatre, Bluepatch Productions, Dragonfly Theatre Collective and Anu Productions. During a 2010 residency at The Robert Wilson Watermill Center, she created an installation, Tea Dress, now included in their permanent collection. Julia is interested in human behavior and our social systems. She examines patterns of how we, as humans, relate to one another and the possibilities of connection and communication, through narrative and installation. Her interest in finding community in humans has brought her to looking towards insects as other social creatures and comparing the concept of community with super organism.

Project Description

PIPORNOT is a collaborative exploration of temporary community-building through insect eusociality. Communicating with scientists who study insect’s social evolution and behavior, the concept of 'community' will be examined by paralleling human society with insects’ non-hierarchical systems. The visual presentation of this project will be twofold: 1) A multimedia scientific lectures on eusociality, a phenomenon unique to the insect world, which details how the rules structuring a colony evolve and how it can apply to human communities. 2) A series of interactive performances in an immersive installation where participants will apply the rules to create self-organizing patterns.