Franklin Furnace Fund Recipients 2015-16

(Brooklyn, NY)Tori Wrånes

Project Description

Tori Wrånes is a Norwegian artist and vocalist working with performances that combine the voice with sculpture. Her use of vivid sounds, and costumes work to alter her appearance—creating new dreamlike constellations in dynamic architectural and multi-sensory sculptural environments. For the Franklin Furnace project she will work with elevation. But as she says her self: “I never like to talk too much about what I want to do. People get so many fantasies, and then comes the expectations. If I keep it to myself, I am still curious about how it will be experienced by others. And I can still change everything to the last minute. I helps me keep the instinct active.”


Wrånes recent works includes “STONE and SINGER” commissioned for the 19th Biennale of Sydney (2014) featuring Wrånes as a troll singing into her tail performing under a pendulating breathing rock accompanied by an elevated brass ensemble; “YOUR NEXT VACATION IS CALLING” at Lilith Performance Studio in Malmø, Sweden (2014) where Wrånes transformed the space into a three-dimensional abstract painting with suspended furniture, hovering beanbags, and a chorus of performers in a part gymnastic-part leisure loop of images, movement and sound; and “YES NIX” a commission for Performa 13 where Wrånes, suspended upside-down from the ceiling explored the physicality of her own voice against the backdrop of singers on bicycles and performers on recorders aiding the natural sound system choreographed around her. At the moment Wrånes is choreographing a sound piece in a chairlift in the Italian Alps.

Image info from left to right: 1) "YES NIX," commission by Performa 13 photo: Linus Sundahl Djerf; 2) "YES NIX," commission by Performa 13 photo: Linus Sundahl Djerf; 3) "YOUR NEXT VACATION IS CALLING," commissioned by Lilith Performance Studio 2014, Malmø, Photo Tomas Giljam