Franklin Furnace Fund Recipients 2015-16

(Brooklyn, NY)Mirland Terlonge

Project Description

“Incessance” will be a performance video production. The performance will be of two dancers. It will begin with an inanimate man lying on the floor slumped against a wall. A woman will struggle to lift him up for a dance. It will last as long as she can bear. When she is exhausted he will then try to pick her up for dance. The video will loop, emphasizing their perpetual struggle.


Mirland Terlonge (American b. 1991) is a multidisciplinary artist and poet from Miami, Florida. Being born to first generation immigrants from Haiti and Jamaica, her work is an investigation of her identity amidst social expectations and perceptions in America. Themes surrounding indifference, resolution, visibility and invisibility, are often embedded in the work. She employs the languages of performance, sound, paint, and sculpture as a means of tampering with perspectives. Her work has been selected to be included in Smack Mellon’s RESPOND Exhibition in New York; New Work New York Show curated by Kat Griefen; and loveDANCEmore’s exhibit in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has received her Masters of Fine Art degree in Painting and Drawing from Pratt Institute and is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.