Franklin Furnace Fund Recipients 2012-13

(Santurce, Puerto Rico)Noemí, Segarra


PISO is a platform for ongoing research on movement and social practices that engage with and question displacement through the body. PISO (in English: floor) is a series of wood platforms that contain the practice of improvisation and become sites of intervention in public spaces. The community is part of the experience of PISO and their role influences the work of the artists and the trajectory of the project. The public is invited to document the material and upload their contributions to an online site as well as become part of the practice through their live observation and interpretation of what takes place in the exchange.


Noemí Segarra works with movement and the body building shape in the present and in process, in art, in life. She is interested in cultivating the in-between as possibility. Segarra currently lives and makes work between Puerto Rico and New York. She was a 2011-2012 Fellow at La Practica, Beta-Local's experimental studies and production program, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Segarra’s commitment to keep pushing forms forward, remaining grounded in local contexts yet open to continuous actualization and investigation of our interconnectedness at an ample scale, allows for mobile and collapsible structures that reflect the unstable landscape in which we constantly move.